Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lord ! oh lord!

Dear God,

This is not a spam. But we have millions of God in the Hindu religion and I wouldn’t want to be rude addressing only a few of you. I am , therefore , like the Marketing gods of present times, mass mailing you all. Hope you understand.

I promise lords, that I shall pray thou, the complex mathemagicians that you all are , if only you help me solve some of the pretty nasty equations in my life which I am unable to comprehend.

I have answers to some pretty easy ones like what is life after death, the non equilibrium thermodynamics of heterogenous systems, Memristors and swift chips.

But there are some complex issues I have no clue of. Help me dear God. Life would be that much simpler and I would have more time to think, thank and pray!


1. The prettiest girl in the lift smiles at me only when I am nursing the worst hangover.
2. The ball lands on the zero of the Roulette wheel always a spin late after my bet at the casino.
3. The fattest guy sit next to me in the aisle seat on a long flight.
4. The kid next to me in Mcdonald trips and spills Ketchup on my shirt only when I have my whitest shirt on?
5. Only the important mails go to the spam and the spams come into the inbox.
6. Whenever I jump the light at the signal, an officer is round the corner?
7. Do I wake up at 5.00 am on a weekend but find it hard to do so when I have to catch an early flight?
8. the battery of my mobile discharges only when I am on some very important call.
9. the people I really enjoy chatting are always busy and the people who are a pain in you know where are always free.
11. The best shows during vacations are only the next day when I am leaving.
12 . does it have to rain when I have an interview and wearing my best suit and am without an umbrella.
on the highway, I get the urge to go the rest room only after I read the sign saying that no service area for the next 25 miles?
14. People pay to read when a jerk called Murphy chronicles it and call it as Murphy's Law but dismiss it as attention seeking whinging of a frustrated ranter when i write!

Waiting for your email.

A disillusioned soul.


  1. Ha ha ha... :D
    Nice one! Hope God really answers you. If He does, kindly let me know, for even I have a lot of questions. :)
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    Seems like you've been blogging since a long time. Will read one by one. ;)

  2. Hi Karthik, Thanks very much for visiting my blog. very grateful indeed. and yes if he answers me , you shall be the first one to know.
    hope you like the other posts too.
    i started blogging about 6 months ago.

  3. Well as you mentioned Murphy has answer for this too..."Whatever can go wrong will go wrong..."

  4. WOW life. i am speechless.
    Thanks fr your comment.

  5. Nicely written, Sudhir. I thought people go to Himalayas to get the answers to such questions :).
    BTW, Would you please forward the email to me, if HE replies back?

  6. Thanks Satish.
    Maybe Himalayas may not be a bad idea. it will be closer to HIM as well.
    My list of ppl who want HIS reply is growing!

  7. Believe God always in Our heart...

  8. This ones good.set of questions which are more interesting than their answers.;-Vijay

  9. Thanks vijay. I am glad you liked it. :P
    grateful for your comment

  10. this is really one of the best I have ever come across...
    nice way to present....
    as it is said the common sense is not to so common and such simple issues are not so simple

    Rishi Sachdev

  11. Thanks Rishi, I find your words very encouraging.