Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mafia wars - facebook else face the book!

It is one of the most popular game on Face book.
“ Start a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family.” Screams the heading. I was first introduced to it by a friend. It has die hard fans all over the world. On last count they must be numbering close to 20 Million!
Somehow I just avoided it. Its very time consuming. And very competitive.
I left competitive sports when I was 15 years old. When my ass was whooped by a 14 year old in a badminton zonal competition and my class mates, who came to cheer me, were so ashamed of me that they pretended they were from his school and started cheering him of them was my girl friend.
The position at the top can be very lonely. Ask Roger Federer. Or Raphael Nadal.
It can be very lonely at the bottom as well. Ask me!.
But crime doesn’t pay. It needs no Albert Einstein to understand it.
To become a Don, you need two things. The brain the size of a lima bean.
Two as Don Vito Genovese would say, “ balls!”
I positively failed on the second count. The first I hopefully did too.
I may now be searching for a rental apartment every month, but thankfully my address wouldn’t ever read Chanchal Guda or Tihar Jail or some county jail!
Why do the rich commit crime?
There are three most compelling reason for crimes. Money, Power and sex.
To me the most compelling one is money. money brings an illusion of power. Power brings in the abuse of sex.
The fourth reason could be self destruction.
Three Indians. All in different parts of the world. All three rich. (One perhaps a tad too rich.) all drunk in their power and over confidence.
Ramalinga Raju , one of the top CEOs. Shiny Ahuja,( A budding talent. I recently saw the movie Metro. He did a fine job in it). Anand Jon, a mover and shaker. A budding fashion designer. Had Paris Hilton and Oprah as his client.

What did they lack? perhaps their lima beans had shrunken further. Or perhaps they took their Mafia war game too seriously!

One rapes his company, the other his maid and the third anything that wears a skirt and walks on two legs! why is common sense so rare?

The irony is that Anand Jon’s sister wants the Indian government to intervene. He has been sentenced to 59 years for sex crimes. Some of his victims were even minors as alleged. Wonder how would the government proceed?
Borrow Jesus ? “ Father ! forgive them for they do not know what they do!”

I don’t know whether the officials in the Ministry Of External affairs have heard of Mafia games. But if I were them, I would have preferred playing this rather than the real thing. Its easy defending a criminal on the facebook than in real life.

My friends and fans of the Mafia wars. Hope you create your empire only on the board.


  1. One of your best write-ups in my opinion !
    The way you raised a serious issue in such a hilarious manner is exceptional.

    I loved the three RAPES.

  2. Thanks Varun! Glad you liked it. Does it have to do something with your love for Mafia wars?

  3. "Somehow I just avoided it. Its very time consuming." I am doing the same ! Dude, kudos to you for this lovely post ! you are a gem Sudhir :)

  4. I have no words for this one...!
    Its just getting better...!
    really very nice!