Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shahrukh kkkking Khan

President Obama is ignorant because he doesn’t read the Indian Press. He therefore thinks Singh is King. He knows nothing.

The Indian press knows. They know the importance of news.

Some days are marked for some people.

Like fathers day is for the fathers. Ignore that old man for the whole year. But be good on this day. He will forgive and you can move on with life without any pangs of guilt.

Ditto Mother’s day.

Independence day is a blind spot. We are never sure who should make the news. So in their benevolence , the Indian Media allows the PM , yes the man who cannot sing or dance but give boring speeches about the problems facing the nation and how he plans to tackle them, to hog the lime light.

Sometimes this protocol has to be circumvented. Because something more important happens. Like our King Khan being interrogated. And so our PM and his address is relegated to the third or fourth news.

The nation is agitated. Rightly so. It is OK to frisk a President. But King Khan! How dare you.

It is more important than swine flu. After all what is swine flu.

We read every minute detail. How he felt humiliated. How he promised he will never come back to USA ( USA’s loss, he can still make his millions shaking his ass somewhere else!) and how many anti depressants KJO has taken ( Damn he makes JLO sound tacky!)

No President Obama. This is not right. Your papers claim that Bob Dylan too was interrogated. Forgive me!BOB WHO?!

Your officials claim that he was only interrogated for 66 minutes and that he is a better actor in real life than on screen. So what.

Your papers claim that even the most revered Edward Kennedy was detained numerous times. So was Vice President Al Gore.

No President Obama. that won’t do. Its not OK. That is an absolute no no.

Please remember. Indians are tolerant people. It doesn’t matter if you frisk our Defence Minister or our President. But the king! now thats blasphemy!

Prime Minister Singh is not King. He is just a wannabe.

In a country there can be only one king. Treat him with respect. Will you!

Now all the NRIs. Bow your head to the King.


  1. Wonderful post, Sudhir. You are second to none when it comes to sarcasm.
    This issue was overblown out of proportion and way over hyped. Well Indian media is always in need of masaledar khabar and never lets go such opportunities. The irony is this kinda news sells, so who to blame?

  2. thanks for your kind words satish. it has indeed been blown. i think we are to be blamed.

  3. I love ur writing style.. hilarious :)
    Keep writing :)

  4. Amardeep, thanks for your appreciation. you spur me on.

  5. Good post.Sarcasm at its best.

    But not shocking knowing well that Lakme India Fashion week makes headlines in India and not Farmer Suicide in Vidharba.

  6. nyc stuff sudhir...
    an artfully sarcastic way to send the word acrosss...
    wonder what would happen if 'King Khan' is frisked in India

  7. Thanks for your kind words shashank. i wonder if any one will frisk him in india!

  8. Thanks very much indeed Kash. grateful.