Monday, August 24, 2009

The Jinnah conundrum

Jinnah died many an autumns ago. May his soul rest in peace. He must be enjoying his time puffing his favorite cigar in the garden of Eden.

He was an urbane, literate old man. Although the Mobile was not invented in his time, I am sure he would be a quick learner and if asked to send an SMS to Jaswant singh on his latest book he would send a terse , LMAO ( Laughing my ass off! )

The equally urbane Jaswant singh, not be outdone would send a ROFL ( Rolling on the floor laughing). He would have loved to invent something like LATWTTB ( Laughing all the way to the Bank).

Indeed these two must be the only people laughing in this sordid episode.

I have always been a great supporter of the BJP. I found them a lot refreshing and democratic than the power hungry and sycophantic congress.

Another big difference was Vajpayee.

I grew up listening to his fiery oratory. I remember as a kid, I used to throw my books and rush to the square where Vajpayee used to speak and listen to him mesmerized.

The day he lost from Gwalior was a sad day. I must admit, though, that Late Scindia was a credit to the city. He can take credit for a lot of development. But he wasn’t half as charismatic. I missed Vajpayee who never forgave Gwalior and shifted to Lucknow.

With Vajpayee gone and Advani on the wane , the BJP has started looking like a B Team of the Congress. I can hardly distinguish. Actually Congress looks much more refreshing and democratic today.

I once described congress as a circus with an Italian ring master with all the lions and tigers gone. And what were left were only clowns and monkeys.

Today the BJP looks like the Disney has been outsourced. The mickey mouses and Donald ducks, you will find all of them there.

There is an intellectual vacuity now. Sudheendra Kulkarni, one of the finest brains in the party resigned and Arun Shourie looks to be on his way out. God help!

We criticized Congress on Emergency. Can we condone Modi on banning the book in Gujrat? Isn’t something like democracy alive?

should really anyone care too much about this book?

Jinnah is dead. And so is Nehru and Patel. Partition is something real and irreversible. It doesn’t matter who was responsible. Pakistan is as much real as India. for the modern generation, these tall leaders are nothing more than frames on the wall. They have more important issues of survival than the academic interest in who did and who didn’t.

I never quite understood why do we treat any praise of Pakistan or its leaders as unpatriotic. Are we so insecure? We should be proud of our democracy. We are not Pakistan. Any healthy debate should be encouraged.

For a country to flourish, the opposition is as important as the ruling party.we do not have a shadow cabinet like say UK. but that doesnt reduce its importance. The country needs a healthy BJP as much as it needs a vibrant Congress.

The congress to its credit has been pretty dignified in its response. I wish the BJP remains too.

A modern India cant be built by performing autopsy of a dead historical issue.

History has its own value. But when we allow the historical issues to override our counsel, there’s a risk of making your party a history. beware of becoming prisoners of history.

The BJP should remember that.

It doesn’t matter what Jaswant Singh personally thinks. He is anyway LATWTTB

It's saddening to know that MJ died of overdose of medication. genius like him are rarely born. To lose him this way is a shame.


  1. I liked your blog very much. Its very nice and I appreciate for your lovely post.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  2. I always believe that it is not any political parties that are responsible for our country's progress but We the people....!
    Its not what BJP and Congress can do, but its all about we want to do for our country and its about what we can make them do..!
    We have one power call "Unity". If we are united...there will be no BJP no Congress...there will be only one thing INDIA.

    A very good blog that concludes wit a positive note that India is going in a direction...there are few changes and its good to see...I wish in coming days there is an alliance between congress and BJP to help the country develop.
    Thanks sir.