Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sexual Adventurism or plain perversion!

Vatsyayan, the author of Kamasutra, is dead. But if alive, he would have been a busy man today. The most celebrated voyeur in history would have been hopping from one studio to another.

Sex is the flavor of Indian TV.

Picture this : An elegantly dressed distinguished gentleman. A senior citizen.
One look at him and you want to emulate him when you are his age. Utterly charming.

And then the confessions tumble. He has married thrice. Divorced all. Now lives with a girlfriend for the last six years. Had sex with a girl younger than his daughter. Yet says he is still waiting for his dream girl. Has an illegitimate child . If that is not all, steals bed sheets from Hotels. He proudly claims that he uses woman and has no sentiments for them. All the while the three women of his family look stonily with a frozen smile on their faces. Tales couldn’t get whackier than this.

Another picture : A decent middle aged family woman with her adolescent son, husband and her in laws watching ,is asked if she would sleep with another man if her husband is unaware. She says no. but the polygraph test says she is lying!

The son squirms. The husband holds his head in his hand in dismay. The mother in law looks like she has been hit by a copy of playboy!

No. These have not been lifted from the salacious confession corner of a Men’s magazine. You don’t read them anymore.

If you want sleaze or sex or both, just switch on your TV.

Vatsyayan would rub his hands in glee and say , “ Asambhav”.

Welcome to the adult world of Indian Television. From peeping into the drawing rooms , now we have graduated into peeping into people’s bed rooms.

This is Sach ka Samna , The Indian version of ‘ The moment of truth’.

Sach is not all. There are others too.You have everything. Just ask.

In another reality show ( the clip is very popular on Youtube), the show hostess, a girl , as mean and slutty as you can get, is pretending to rag young student and perhaps to make it look more realistic, slaps one of the guests. In a reflex action, the angry boy slaps back. Suddenly the entire production team pounces on him and beats the guest to pulp. Its all recorded.
Wonder if the girl with her lackeys was put behind bars. I am chivalrous. But only to females! And yes ,violence must lead to only one place – Jail.

Another show shows( wow check out my alliteration skills) skimpily dressed actresses trying to survive in a jungle. The focus is more on the skimpy dresses than on survival.

What next ? Jerry Springer?

‘Sach Ka Samna’ brings out the naked greed. Money at any cost.

If it brings some shame , well it goes with the territory.

That is the Sach. Doesn’t matter if you have to face in front of the whole nation.

Maybe even Sigmund Freud could make a living sitting on NDTV analyzing with Prannoy roy!

There is an unerring predictability though. Pretty innocent questions to start with. The family and close friends sitting and beaming good naturedly. A happy close knit family coming here to extend their support. Slowly the questions start getting personal. The smile starts fading. Some giggle nervously and squirm in their seats. Slowly the giggle is replaced by a ghastly attempt at a smile which is pretty ugly.
The participants know what they are in for. But the glitter of gold! Alas.
All that matters is the Jack pot. Relations be damned. The relatives are really damned!

The jury is out. The parliament wants it to be banned.

Let me confess ( No Pun) It wasn’t amusing watching the fa├žade of decency being ripped off normal looking people.

Also I am thinking of the larger picture. Their lives beyond the show.

Will the daughter ever see her father again as a doting dad or as an evil sexual predator? Will she feel comfortable or safe bringing her friends to her home. Will the friends feel safe with him lurking around?

When he next time checks out of a hotel, will he be humiliated with a body search? Don’t blame the hotel. i feel sorry for him though. poor guy has to buy bedsheets from now on. recession time guys!

Will the son ever look at his mother with the reverence he once had?. Will she ever be able to move around in the society without sniggers. Will the husband feel cuckolded every time he sees his wife? Will he be the butt( forgive the pun, but we are talking about sex!) of bawdy jokes behind his back in his office?

I guess the society has to answer these questions.

I am just a blogger expressing my thoughts on random issues. Judgment seat is not for me.

It’s a privilege to have lived in the East and the West. Both have great cultures.
But USA has a greater freedom of expression. There is no moral policing or state interference.
I have seen the show many times here in Miami. It works here but it may not work in India.

Or maybe it would!

Life never ceases to amaze!


  1. The Indian society and our politician love to guard moral aspects of every individual as it is the parameter which derives POWER for them. The new generation(at least urban) is coming out of guilt associated with moral issues. Somewhere I do feel we as a nation is too much obsessed with moral issues which I consider is personal thing. We do not harp on ethics in public life. Corruption is rampant and we somehow doesn't feel guilt about it. A man in the marriage market having income from bribe is considered as better candidate for daughter by family and even the man's family proudly declares this. I hope we give more imporatnace to ethical conduct in public life, that matters in growth of nation than moral issues.

  2. Ninad,
    Thanks for your comment. very well said.
    I too feel morality is a relative issue. what may be morally right for one may not be so for another. each person has to charter his own moral path instead of following those laid by the society.
    Thanks very much indeed.

  3. Nice post.I completely agree with your views.Crass commercialism at its height.I dunno who coined the phrase "Sex always sells" but it seems the phenomenon in all the channels.Even thers a new phrase thats coined food porno which use sexual innuendos to sell food.Eg.Katrina for Slice,Lara Dutta for Pizza.I believe this can be called sexual exploitation.

  4. Thanks Dravidian.grateful for your time.
    Loved that Food pORNO BIT :P