Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence day!

Long back I was in Lome, the capital of Togo, a small country in West Africa. My escort had done a real good job. So I wanted to take him for a drink.

I was shocked ,though, when they stopped him at the entrance of a five star hotel. No natives allowed. I pleaded in vain. Finally, we went to an African joint. The locals there were shocked to see a foreigner. But when my escort explained, there was a big cheer. I had a great time there and came out glassy eyed with all the beer those kind hearted people offered.

Imagine you are living in a country where you are not allowed to even go in any hotels or restaurants. No wonder Africa was always referred to as the dark continent.

This story becomes poignant when you are celebrating your Independence day.
We may have many drawbacks. There’s a lot which needs to change. But thank our stars.

We are free.

Freedom brings responsibilities too. My dad was smart. We never had any restrictions. But we never ever crossed our limits. Not because we were angels. Far from that .

But every time we tried to say sneak out for a movie, or smoke with friends some where something tugged at our heart strings. We were outsmarted by a wise man I guess!

For me freedom means free from poverty, free from hunger, free from disease and free from illiteracy.

I have seen my country grow. We were a young nation scarred with the pain of partition. Now no more. The scars are gone. The pain is gone. What we see is a sure footed nation assured of it’s position on the world map.

For this transformation , we owe our gratitude to many people. They in their own ways brought glory and pride to our nation. The architects of our nation, the planners , the builders, our able defence , scientists, sportsmen , musicians, writers, actors and above all the unsung heroes, the common men and women of the country.
They withstood hardships, they withstood attacks but never gave up.
We bow our head to all.

Greetings to all. Happy Independence day.

(President Clinton has always been my favorite. couldnt resist
posting this one instead of the original.)

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post, Sudhir. Saare jahan se accha Hindustan hamara.