Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who is afraid of the cops!!

I have always been afraid of cops. Right from the time I heard parents scaring their pesky kids. “ Beta. Quiet. Else the cop will whisk you away.”

The cops, I felt ,were trained to give you such icy stares that you catch a flu! I always felt like a penguin in Antartica in their presence.

But as I grew older and traveled I saw the humane side of them too.

Though I haven’t had a lot of brush with the cops ( tender mercies! ), apart from the occasional ticketing, my experience has been more than pleasant.

I remember the time I went to Togo, a small West African country and lost my luggage there. They only speak French there. you don’t need to be Einstein to guess that it was a French colony! Thank god I had my interpreter to pick me at the airport.

The police station was intimidating with all cops over 6.5’. Their dark complexion made them look menacing. I was ushered to a lady cop who was well endowed; anterior and posterior . She had nails over 7” long. ( yeah . I called them talons). She had music on her table and juggled as she worked. It was quite a sight. I even forgot why I was there.
Once she was done she kept the file and gave the drawer a heave with her massive jugs.
( My interpreter winked at me and called them money makers. To me they looked like the Veritable Bank of Africa!). I got my luggage in a week. Thank you lady cop!

Another time one of my consultants needed a background check. He had just moved in to USA and was thoroughly scared by the imposing cop. The cop handed him the application and told him to fill in. “ Black ink.” He bellowed. “ OKKKKKKK. No BLUE ink”.

The consultant eagerly nodded and went on to fill it in blue! His writing looked like a Cockroach had dipped it’s feet in ink and walked on the paper!

We had a good laugh as he composed himself and filled another one this time in black and legible.

My readers would suggest that I find them pleasant cause I am not in India.
right? WRONG.

We do have good Cops in India too.

I am dedicating this post to a very compassionate, kindhearted and wonderful police officer. His name is DIG Aravind Pandey. He works in Patna as DIG Railways now and if some one is traveling that way say my hi to him!

I think each one of us must go to his blogs and read about the fantastic work he is doing. He is a poet. He is a singer. And he is a humanitarian. He is very benevolent and a credit to the police department.

We always scorn our police department. Maybe most of the time we are right. But once in a while, when we come across some one who is doing a remarkable service, it is only apt that we doff our hat to him.

Thank you DIG Pandey. We owe you a special recognition.

( Please visit his blog. He is in my follower’s list.)


  1. I visited his blog and he really writes well, very nice poems. Thanks for writing about him.

  2. haha.. good one Sudhir. I too don't like the cops here for the tickets they issued me. So thats one reason I trash their cars in NFS game on my xbox. On the other side I feel they are the main reason for the harmony on the road and our safety in reaching our destination.