Friday, June 5, 2009

Mama mia

Since this is the monsoon time, its glorious to walk in the evening. As I took a turn and reached the small water pond I saw a glorious sight.

Have you ever heard the idiom , “ To get your ducks in a row”. well i saw what it really means.

I have never seen human beings so organized.

Against the back drop of a partial black and orange sky, a duck family was crossing the road. The dad was majestically in the front , the chicks making the unruly middle and the stern mother looking very cautious making the rear. Once in a while she nudged her duckling in. luckily the traffic in our community is not a very busy one.

It was a very picturesque moment. I rushed immediately home to get my camera. But by then the procession was in the sanctuary. No amount of bribing or cajoling helped.

The mother just won’t let her children leave her side!

I had to do with some long shots. I am afraid the cute ducklings may not be visible.

All I could say was “ Mamma Mia”.


  1. Aww.. isnt that cute!
    Is this where you live? Man! I am so jealous of you right now!

  2. Hi Arshat. Thanks for your comments.
    yes this is my home now for some time.
    dont feel jealous. no place like Mumbai!
    i envy you.