Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Viva la Vida

Today as I went to deposit my rent, the secretary gave her warmest smile. She simply amazes me. how can someone smile all the time.

It was coffee time for her. So she invited me in and we started chatting. Suddenly she asked me how do I like Miami? I was taken aback. Its my home. I said. I love it. Why?
Because of people like you. Her face lit into her trademark smile as she picked up the empty cups , “ Liar”.

It isn't a lie really.There is so much associated with this beautiful city.

I remember when I came to Miami it was terrifying. I was suffering from the most painful back ache. I could barely stand for twenty minutes. Today I can barely sit for twenty minutes!
(Nah that’s a big exaggeration. Forgive me I get carried away.
My butt , apart from my eyes, is the most abused part of the body. )

My first time to Miami was very dramatic. The hurricane season had started. As our plane started it’s descent, there was a huge storm and we had to land at Palm Beach. There was a sea of humanity. I tried to speak to an officer who replied back in Spanish. I said sir I don’t speak Spanish. He looked derisively at me and said , “ You are Spanish and you don’t want to speak Spanish?”. wow i already belonged. i thought!

The people of Miami are very loving and caring folks. I remember the time I returned after my mother’s funeral. I was so depressed. When I reached my apartment, there was nothing to eat. I had the urge to take the first flight and return back to India. It was Christmas. Celebrations everywhere. But I felt empty.

As I entered publix, a few of the counter girls screamed at me and came and hugged and kissed me. one elderly man at one counter enquired. Do we all get a kiss today? And the girl laughed happily and said no. he is our friend. The man winked at me and said, “ Lucky man.!” The friendly banter relaxed me.

I knew I was home.

I also remember the surprise birthday cake from my co workers. The delicious cake was a reminder that you could bank on your friends in your hour of grief. Thanks Don Pan for making such beautiful cakes. All my grief just vanished in so much of sweetness.!

I remember one particular bad hurricane.No light.No cooking. But the kind neighbors came and enquired if I had enough to drink and eat. Impromptu hurricane barbecues were set and all gathered out as there was no electricity any way. I felt a great respect for them. They made the adversity also a fun to remember.

Another time when I was in the aerobics class in my gym. I was the guy with the two left feet. I was lost and looked around ashamed as the graceful ladies around expertly went through the routines. Suddenly I felt a hand around my shoulders. It was the girl from the next mat. She explained the trick to me. concentrate on the basic steps forget the music. Slowly I got the grasp. The instructor winked at me in encouragement.

It was a shock when MJ died. I was stunned in disbelief as I reversed my car and rammed into a coming one. I cursed myself for being stupid. Yet the first question he asked me was if I was OK. Luckily I was and so was his car! No harm done.

Its just not the people, the food is amazing too. You can find a lot of Caribbean, Latin, Italian and even thai restaurants. Chipotle, fajitas , tortillas , Paellas. All finger licking. I can simply gorge on them.

Satish is a great friend. He is always enthusiastic and encouraging in whatever I attempt. However if there is one thing that he is jealous of is that I live in Miami. How many times he begged me to find him a job in Miami. Alas, if wishes were horses , beggars would ride.

I could go on an on. But space is always a problem.

I tip my hat to this beautiful city.

Gracias Miami. Mucho gracias.


  1. Beautifully written sudhir.. The post touched so many different aspects of the city. you poured your heart out in this post.
    Keep writing :)

  2. Thanks Arshat.It's always great when there's some sensitive soul out there who exactly understands how i felt when i wrote. and you were the one today.
    thanks very much indeed.

  3. wow....all about Miami has only made my countdown more exciting :)..me visiting in Aug .

  4. Hi Smi,
    Welcome to Miami. what is your tentative itinerary.
    I am planning to visit india in aug.
    lets meet if possible.

  5. hey thats better news ...14th to Miami..24th to Mumbai :)