Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Ramblers Inn

I hate birthdays. They remind me of another year wasted. A slow yet sure inching towards old age. Nah , I am not that pessimist. But yes I am vain enough to color my hair, sweat it out in the gym and try to look hip, funky and contemporary. Not that it works.

When we were growing I looked up at the elder people and long to be like them. Their silver tresses, the crow’s feet , the way their face crinkled as they smiled; even the puffy bags below the eyes, just everything was attractive. They looked so assured, wizened yet elegant. I longed to get old.

But as I grew old nothing of that sort happened. I realized a few home truths. That all people don’t age elegantly. That age doesn’t necessary mean wise and it is good to be ugly and young than be old and uglier!

Last night that feeling of being an Austin 1924 model among a row of shining Ferraris became that more apparent as my room mates arranged an impromptu party.

Normally I avoid such parties.

But I yielded since they were leaving soon.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I pride myself on knowing something about drinks. But all that pride went for a toss as I stared goggle eyed as they fished out colorful exotic mixes from their grocery bags.

My eyes further widened as one of them expertly concocted various cocktails. We had martinis, tequila shots and margaritas. I always thought you could get them only in fancy bars! We had some very decent conversation too.

I watched with fascination as DJ Chai , now an apprentice but I am sure a successful DJ in future, showed his skills on the newly acquired turn table. I learnt a few things about scratching. For a successful DJ, personality is an important thing apart from talent. I believe he has the charisma and the cheekiness which will make him a hit. He also has a boundless energy and passion to go with it. good luck DJ Chai.

My third roomie is another charmer. He has exquisite etiquettes and is a voracious reader of current news. I heard he is quite a ladies man in the office.why am I not surprised!

We were room mates for a few months. And yet we knew so little about each other.

This is a new experience for me. sharing the house with others.

Recession has taught quite a few things.

Life is a journey. And my house, like my novel’s title , is the Rambler’s Inn.

We meet ,we part and finally what are left are memories.

They are all smart. They are young. They are ambitious. And they are talented.

I wish them luck.

Farewell guys! Fare well in whatever you do.

I , like millions of his fans all over the world , have still not got over the shock of MJ’s death. The world has become that much poorer.

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