Thursday, June 4, 2009

Corporate Memories- Narayan Murthy and ME - II

(This is just a satire. any one taking it seriously is giving me more respect than I deserve!!!!)

Folks , as promised I am here with the second part of my book.

But before that a foreword.

What is Leadership? Leadership for great leaders means to stoop to conquer.

Leaders like me and Narayan Murthy.

We understand that learning is a process. And any one big or small can be a teacher.

Even Sachin Tendulkar.

Because of Sachin I learnt that it can be very lonely at the top.

Yes, I was in my hideaway, the loo of my fifteenth floor office, the top floor of our office building with a transistor in my hand. It was when the floor caught fire. The commotion in the stadium was definitely more than the doleful staff of our office could create as they trooped out.

As all our staff were made from senior officers who worried more about their diabetes , blood pressure and health care plans than poor ole me , no one noticed my absence.

But leaders show exceptional bravery.

It was only when I smelt a whiff of smoke that I tried opening the door and found it was locked.

As sachin was nearing his century, I climbed to the ventilator and peeped out. It was a giddy sight. A new word was added to my dictionary – acrophobia.

I understood what Great leaders meant when they said it’s lonely at the top. I must shift to a lower floor soon.

My last thought as I passed out was that we both, sachin and I , were out together.

Leaders learn from every accident. I learnt an important lesson. Compatibility. Like mindedness at work.

Hire young staff so no one feels guilty watching cricket and use the rest room for what it is supposed be used for. So I ordered some fresh faces from our Indian office.

But great leaders can make a mistake once in a while.

I made two.

One mistake was quick gun Murugan and the other was called Thunder Thighs.

I conquered both the situations. It helps if you have a command over English like me. then you can conquer in style.


I follow the Britishers. They didn’t rule the world for nothing.

As the British say , “ when the goings go tough , the toughs start going to other places”.

So I sent one went back to India but the other went to Randy’s house even before I could plan something. But Randy saved the situation for me.

Randy requested me to become the best man for the wedding. I was left wondering if I was the best man why was she marrying him? Weird Americans heh?

But wait I am jumping the gun. Damn quick gun Murugan. I wasn’t violent before he came. Never talked of guns.

Folks, I promised you the excerpts. But alas, I have been warned by my detractors to be brief. I know dear readers, we discussed about how jealousy is as old as civilization.

Murugan and Thunder Thighs were not simple problems. You could write books on them.
I must explain the mistakes to you and then you will appreciate why there was an action to a reaction. Or reaction to an action. Or action to an action. Or whatever.
Damn Newton. Couldn’t speak simple English.

I got a mail from a fan from BITS, “ Sir, Thank you for your erudite pearls of wisdom. Not looking forward to read the second part.”

Quoting Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet I wrote , “ Son, Thank me no thankings and proud me no prouds.” heh Erudite me and my pearls of wisdom heh heh.

I think the Not was a typo. He meant now.

My detractors are stifling their laughter. Petty people. Jealous people.

But I forgive them. That’s what great leaders do.

Like me and Narayan Murthy.


  1. Ok. Here I am admitting a fact that I've not read most of your blog-posts completely, before leaving a comment on your precious posts, common, lets just admit we all do that if asked to post through post on the above blog !! =D

    Its 3 am in India, read one of your comment on my friend Deepika's blog, Don't know why, but have never read your full posts, there was this automatic perception about your which according to the same perception was 60 +, and one who writes just for the sake of giving moral lessons even without being asked for one ... it sounds ... err appear (whatever) dumb to you ... but being honest hurts atleast one, hence you led ... OK ... Enough ... !!

    Goes without saying it was a good (not an excellent description), begins rather slowly and overly described and emphasised at points ! And Mr. Kekre leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance. . . And for the matter of sake Sachin Tendulkar is not at all a good leader, he is just too self-centered, neither is Narayan Murthy, in my useless and many world-acclaimed crtics' opinion, not quoting them though ... But they are born with the desire to be at the top, and are by choice alone, who wants to share being at the top :)

    Other thn that wit was a reason I have read this whole posy and I am truly your follower (limited to the blog, not to your leadership :P) that too if there could have been a widget to add people who like to follow what you put on you blog! :(

    Keep writing Mr. Sudhir, You will keep finding me unecessary criticism !! :D
    And am actually inviting visit my blog, read through articles, leave your comments and be a follower so that we can keep in track of wach other's bloggerics !! :)

    I hope I see you soon on my blog.
    Excuse me for this not so good and such a long comment !

    Thans and regards !

  2. Hi Sourav.
    that was a long essay! well it was just a satire. It wasnt me there. just a fictional character. well thanks for taking all the time and writing so much :P.