Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Journey

Highway bends
Never end

And I feel so lost.

My legs feel weary
Eyes so bleary

And I feel so lost.

the rear mirrors show , the woods I left.
Dark and green, lush serene.

Why must I go. Why must I drive?
Is lust that drives or drive I lust.

I am chasing dreams. And dreams are dreams.
Only dreams and yet we go.

But time has come. I need to stop.
My aching limbs, cant steer me now.

No motel close, No river by.
To quench my thirst or need to lie.

The garbled mind ,the distraught heart.
Pines for peace, for release.

Dunno how , dunno why
Is this the truth or just a lie.

Journey half, cant be undone.
I can hate or I can love.

But till I find or till I die,
Try find my way I cannot shy.

Don’t know when began,
know when to stop.

All I know is I am lost.

Lost yes lost and oh so lost.

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