Thursday, June 25, 2009

sex in the office!!!!!!!

I love politicians. They are like sunshine. Never a dull moment.

To succeed in politics, a politician needs to shut two things – his mouth and his fly. But looks like politicians never listen.

Eminent sexologists claim that sex is triggered by something that happens between the two ears and not between the two legs! ( OK I made that up)

But our politicians are always help bent on proving all theories wrong. If he really used his brain, he would know quite a few things. Like not to send emails to extra marital affairs from the office, Not soliciting sex from minors or approaching interns and other employees for sex or if he is smarter no sex at all. Well power is the big turn on. Its an orgasm with a capital P.

When it comes to sex , however, there is no much difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Maybe slight. David Letterman, the Late night comedian once remarked that at least the Democrats wait for them to become adults!

Its time Politics is given the status of Entertainment industry.

Bill Clinton is now in the Hall of fame. We have more enterprising , more out of the world affairs that make his antics look pretty benign. At least Bill Clinton saved the tax payer money by doing it in the office. Mark Sanford, the SC Governor and the potential VP candidate for the next election , went all the way to Argentina on our, the taxpayer' money, to meet his flame. He doused his passion and his career i am afraid. the latest news is he has resigned! Not to worry, Mark, judging by your love mails, you can have a career in writing.

Sample this "Sanford gushes about Maria's "magnificent gentle kisses," tan lines, hips and "erotic beauty." And while he acknowledges that they are in "a hopelessly impossible love," his "heart cries out for you" and for "an even deeper connection to your soul." ( courtesy Time Magazine).

move over Mills and Boons. you too Jackie Collins!

In every three four months, one or the other politician confesses to an extra marital affair. The entire cycle is predictable. First there is the denial. Then the proof of the affair is thrown in his face. A sheepish confession follows. A press conference with a grim faced wife supporting her husband in his hour of distress is the end of the saga. Are these wives really that sad creatures , the sacrificial lambs on the altar of family life or scheming vixens unable to leave the lure of glamor and good life.

Each new scandal throws something more bizarre than the previous one. so we had the NY Governor paying $1000/hr to a call girl and the Louisiana Governor in the infamous DC Madam scandal. Each outdoing the other in being outrageous. All tax payers' money remember.

And as the stakes grow the more risks they take. A candidate for the President or the VP ,be it a Kennedy or now Sanford ,do things even a kindergarten would know are risky. And by things I don’t mean in bed!

Suffice to say that their future, their ambition and their public life hangs by something definitely heavier and thicker than the proverbial thread!!

When people like to read something juicy they go to the Page 3. I look at the front page.
Most of the time I am not disappointed.


  1. It seems that these days people are getting so carried away with things that they get a little slack in covering up their misdeeds!!!

  2. Haha they sure are, aren't they. well said.
    and thanks as usual for visiting angel.
    very grateful.