Saturday, February 28, 2009

The number conundrum

Long ago a Client came to my office. He had a very pretty girl with him. I was quite surprised when he introduced her as his wife. She was almost 30 years younger to him.
“ Age is just a number” she said cuddling him.
I thought maybe he was her retirement plan. But turned out that she was richer than him. I wished them a very happy marriage.
I slowly warmed to her as I liked her approach to life and we became quite good friends.
One morning, maybe even less than a month after her marriage, she came teary eyed and broke the news that they have decided to separate.
I didn’t know what to say really. So just mumbled. “ well days are just numbers. After all it’s the quality of the time you spent together.”
All I got was an icy stare. I am sure she mistook my sympathy for sarcasm.

Then there was this blonde who was chatting with my gym trainer. “ Well trainer. I want to hire you. But there’s just this problem. I like my ass. Is there a way that I can keep it as it is and just reduce my waist.” The bored instructor for the millionth time to the millionth girl said,” There’s no spot reduction. When you lose, you lose it all. Ass and all.”
She looked at me with hurt in her eyes.
“ Ah you look good. I must say you look not more than 21.” I said patronizingly.
“ I AM 21.” Her eyes bore into me. Only if looks could kill.
“ Age. Just a number.” Was all I could sheepishly muster.

Then there was this neighbor’s son who was watching TV in my apartment as his family were out. “ can I get you something to drink.” “ Hmm a beer would be fine.”
I said you will have to wait. The beer is still warm.” “ How long?” asked the excited young man.
“ Three years or more.” I said “ too young to drink kid”
“ Oh age is just a number!!!” he groaned.

But I don’t buy that anymore.

So coming to numbers, we have managed a hit of 2000 now. You and me.
I must also thank the wonderful students of BITS Pilani who have suddenly decided to patronize me. I always see at least a few of them always parked in my blog. Thanks guys.

A bored student from that school complained to me,” BITS Pilani is nothing but a procession of tests and more tests.
“Look at the irony. You take up one examination to enter this school only to get one every day ! .”

Another nugget was from a dear friend from IITK. stressed out with his Project and the continuous pressure of acads, as they call it, and also a bit nostalgic about leaving ,what was his home for four years, wrote this gem , “Getting out of IIT is far more difficult than getting in... !! .”

How true!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha!!! that is what I can manage to comment on such a post.. ha ha ha ha...

  2. “Getting out of IIT is far more difficult than getting in... !! .”

    I have a different opinion about this. I feel getting out of IIT much easier than getting in. IIT will make sure go out with a degree, you just need to be with the flow!!