Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night I crossed 1000 hits and I was pondering on what it means. To me it means that my family is growing. Also now I can see more comments on my blog. So its really now HAMARI chaupal!

But I am still learning. My first blog was only on 02/10/09.

“ Your blog reminds me of the crumpled newspaper they serve bhel poori on in chaupati.” My Mumbai friend writes. “if you were not funny even your mother wouldn’t read it. Are you visually challenged? “ ( yes he is the same report card guy)

Ankit and Hashir Tafail too endorse the same view. “ Make it aesthetical.” They both advise albeit in a more refined way!

But Smi , on the other hand , disagrees. She warns it looks simple and clean. Don’t mess.

Andy, A big thanks for your support.

Guys , Appreciate very much indeed.

Today I write this post on a somber note.

One young blogger who prefers to be anonymous says “I envy you. I see happiness and fun oozing out of your post. But you can remain happy in these hard times because you are in the USA. We are suffering. The future looks bad. And for no fault of mine.”

His father has lost his job and they are going through a hard time.

Dear Anon , the situation here is no different. Recession is a global phenomenon. Everyone is hit.
I am jobless, almost maxed my credit cards, my credit score is the lowest ever it has been and I was recently ticketed for $250 for crossing on an orange light. Could things get any worse?

For over a year I regularly went in the evening to sit by a big lake and watch the sunset.
It used to fill my heart with pleasure to watch the horizon take an orange hue as the Sun languidly descended.

Now I stopped.

I do not see any orange hues. Just darkness. Within and without.

Humor is the need of the hour.

My last post got 275 hits in one day. Because it was funny. Can you imagine even 27 hits for such sad posts?

If you want to retain your sanity, learn to laugh.

As I said before : ‘ When life dishes out Lemons, Make Lemonades’

You say it is not your fault. Well when your dad was doing good , you weren’t responsible for that either. Were you?

Family means rallying around each other and caring for each other. Give your dad the emotional support. Give him the strength to come out of this.

My thoughts go out to you and your family. I hope things get better soon.

On a pleasant note I also got this mail.

Bob is 63. A retired teacher and a very strong Indophile . He surprised me with his knowledge about the Vedas. “ Well I have read the Arthur Beda, the Sam Beda and the Yajoor Beda” for a moment I thought he was talking about some people he knew as he drawled in his native Texan accent.

It was fascinating to hear his story.

He had this recurring dream of seeing a river night after night. Every day he woke up trying to find the connection. He visited clairvoyants, gypsies, astrologers.

But no answer.

He even went to the library and saw every book possible.

And then it happened.

One day he was seeing some travel brochures and accidentally hit upon the Laxman Jhoola in Hrishikesh and knew that was it.

He suddenly felt a spiritual connection with India and since then he is on the journey of educating himself. And reading the four Vedas was a part of it. He is yet to read the Rig Veda which he wants to finish on the banks of the holy river Ganges.

He has been collecting money to visit India for the last few years.

Yesterday he sent me a mail saying that he was visiting my beautiful country in May.

Good Luck Bob.

My beautiful country will become that much more beautiful by you being in it.

That reminds me of another strong Indophile Claudia. She has visited India twice and always enquires if I can help her meet Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai!.

I always looked forward to her mails which always were embellished with some gems like don’t worry . Main hoon na or kaise hain aap?

I only used to turn red when at the end of the mail she used to sign off with a Chumma.!
Mind you I am no prude. But these were official mails and exposed me to a lot of ribbing!

Miss you Claudia, Kahan ho Aap?

It only strengthens my theory that today we are living in a global village which makes the political boundaries redundant. All that matters is Humanity and Universal Brotherhood.

Let’s all pray for the family of the Anonymous fan.

As for me.

Maybe I have seen enough of sunset.

From tomorrow I should watch a new Dawn!!!!!!!!

Guys , Your mails are a source of joy. Keep them coming.

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