Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Sardar or a greater human being

This whole journey is overwhelming. The whole business of writing a blog. It makes me walk down the memory lane. Pick up gems of rare brilliance and present to you all; YOU- who are slowly becoming my larger family. And this family is growing. Much faster than I had envisaged. And the credit goes to your magnanimity. You take time out of your precious vocation to read and your valuable comments make me decide the next blog.
So I am just a medium. A mere paint brush in your hands. and its your deft touches and powerful strokes that give this blog a meaning.

I received a very charming mail from one young fan. And he has narrated this funny incident. : “Dear Sudhir, I am glad that someone from the earlier generation has a funny bone. I am narrating one incident which happened recently. Trust you take the fun part and leave the lecturing part for my Dad. You can’t match him however hard you try. He’s the most boring person I have ever seen. He can even make the Coffee sleep. And he’s most gullible too. Yesterday my results came. And as expected I did badly in Maths and Physics. I knew I was in for a big time out. But the Mumbai rain came to my rescue. Luckily my class teacher is old fashioned and still uses a fountain pain. So I put some raindrops on the report card and made a big blot in both the marks.
Imagine he readily believed that my report card got wet in the rain. And he’s beaming with pride that I scored distinction! Any such incidents to share? (BTW I love my dad). “

I do not honestly know where do I position myself. It is quite funny and it shows that you have ingenuity. Put that to use in a more constructive way and you will just do fine.

you did bring a smile on my face

But cant decide - do you get an award for your humor or a pumkin for your self goal?

(btw I am sending you a seperate mail. and no coffee will go to sleep i promise!)

Pranks are fine. but we should see that they do not threaten our career. theres nothing funny about that!

Yes I do remember my young days. here 's a nugget. Just to show that I was like you too. and hey! your mail was much appreciated. dont be grumpy. I did say it was charming didnt I?

I had a close friend who was a sardar. His father was a doctor with a great sense of humor. The good old doctor cut his hair cause he was going to UK. His prized possession was a photograph on which his friend had written this precious comment : To my dear friend Dr. ..…. Who was earlier a Sardar and now a human being!!!!!!!!.

But in reality, the Doctor was a Sardar first and then a doctor. And so naturally he enjoyed his drink. And always had a stock of some of the finest whiskey.

One day we were curious as to what was so special about whiskey and came up with this ingenious idea of using his syringe. We took out some whiskey from the bottle with his syringe and added equal amount of water with the same inside the bottle and tried when the parents went for their farewell party. we congratulated ourselves on our smartness.

That spark of brilliance , however,failed when we were unable to handle our drink and were sprawled on the sofa when the parents returned from their party.

He ribbed me even when I met him in London when I went there as an adult.

“ Oye syringe se nikal kar peeni ya waise he paa doon glass main? “

Sadly he is no more. I wanted to add one word in his friend’s immortal comment - “GREAT” . Uncle, I lost my father one more time with you.! God doesnt make men like you anymore.

and BTW I too loved my Dad. Alas, he’s no more. You are fortunate So love him as much as you can while he is there. And do tell him how much you love. before it's too late.

My Kaleidoscope is churning. I am like a child enchanted.

But my advisor is furious - “ KISS”

“Keep it short and sweet you idiot!” so I reluctantly sign off.

Guys - Your mails are a source of inspiration . keep them coming.

Girish from Pune and my elder brother Anil have posted their comments.The first on my blog.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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