Thursday, February 12, 2009


A friend from India sent me a card. The friend is a HE. :P

It read “ Happy Valentine’s day”. I could feel St. Valentine squirming in his grave.

A HE sending a HE a card!!!!!!!!!! God bless the marketing . No one wants to feel left out.

I like to call Valentine’s day as the festival of Archies, Hallmark and other card makers. They have branded it and marketed it in such a way that today it’s a billion dollar industry in India.

On this visit to India, I saw a very young boy working hard in a shopping mall in Hyderabad. He grinned when I asked him his age. “ well I want to buy a gift for my girl friend.” I just remarked that she is lucky to have a boyfriend like him”.

Bless the shopping malls. They give with one hand and take away from the other.
This boy will work hard in one shop only to spend in another shop there.!

Last year a friend from India. asked me what I was doing on Valentine’s day. I remarked working! Well I didn’t have a daddy whose name spelt Gates or even Tata !!!! So if I had to bring food on the table, I guess I had to work.

She was disappointed. Well you are in the US of AAAAAAAAA.

( Well young lady! The man up there in the sky makes the rule. You work , You eat! USA or no USA!)

And I must say that THE USA has lapped up the Slum dog millionaire. It’s the flavor of the season.

Every American I meet is disappointed that I am not a Slum Dog or from Mumbai ( not being a millionaire was expected I guess. ). And its not offensive in any way.

Far from it, they have taken the movie in a very positive way. Americans love the dog tag stories. And nothing excites them more than a rag to riches stories. They are very impressed that with all that poverty we have become a software nation( not my words!)

I have now mastered the whole narration. Well yes, there is poverty. But there is talent too. Raw Talent. And this talent is hungry. The poverty acts as a catalyst.

To prove to the world that this poverty is just an aberration. I tell my spell bound audience.

The young boy from the shopping mall sent me a touching mail. The Mumbai attacks have made his perspective change. He wants to donate the money to charity and can I suggest a good one?. I ask him what about his girl friend. And he says she’s sitting right next to me as I write this mail. I am unable to read further as my eyes blur.

And I feel that we need not worry about anything. We can face the world unabashed of our poverty. We can face the cultural invasion.

This is a smart generation. They can decide what is right or wrong. There is no cause of worry.

But we have to be wary of the moral police. The sena of any type. Who are they to decide whether going to pub is right or wrong. And how can you say that girls visiting pubs are sexually promiscuous. Who are they to say watch this or that.

I may not condone the young girls going to the pub. But I will support their right to do so.

Girls just one point. Don’t drive after drinking. We know that you are bad drivers anyway!

One discerning reader asked me when is your next blog and what is the topic? well, I am a maverick! I feel like i grow wings when i write. and i want to fly straight into your hearts.
Alas! this flight is like our Air India. the only thing we know is it will fly.

As usual your thoughts are always welcome.

Guys have a great weekend. And yeah , Happy Valentine’s day. :)


  1. this post is like a mix bhaaji of everything.
    V day,Archie's,poverty,Talent,USA,Mumbai attacks and about girls in the end..that was anticlimax.

    i loved reading it though :-))

  2. Smi, thank you for your thoughts. any suggestions to improve are welcome :)

  3. Sudhir ,Ur blog is just clean and tidy.So dont mess up..may be u can play with some clours