Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pappu pass ho gaya!!!!!!!!


I am overwhelmed.It's just been 24 hours and I am deluged with mails! I had thought of waiting for a week for your responses and then decide whether to continue blogging or quit.( I could have created a world record of being the shortest blogger!). But you guys have given a resounding yes.

Couldnt help but write. kehte hain na naya mulla jyada pyaj khata hai!!!!!!!! :)

Many mails. and thankfully none critical.:) A big thank you to all of you.

Allow me to share some of them.

I received one from a very young admirer. He's in XIIth. requested me to withold his name. and this is what he writes " I felt like you are my friend. you didnt seem old at all. But please don't mention my name. My elder brother is studying Engineering and doesnt like my using net. but i liked your blog very much." Thank you young friend. I am deeply honoured. This is biggest compliment I can ever get. you calling me a friend. I can simply say WOW!
However I support your elder brother. This is the time to concentrate on your studies. Get into some decent college. This is the most important year of your life. And You should be proud of your brother. He loves you so much. For You Big Brother, trust your lil boy. He listens to what you say. He will prove it to you. Just wait for his results!

Another one this time from Jamshedpur , Aditya enquires," Is recession bad in India too? I am doing my final engineering and am worried. will i get a job? please advise.

Well Aditya. i am sad to say. But yes. Recession is here to stay for some time. and jobs are becoming scarce. so what do you do? Charles Darwin died many many years ago. But he keeps walking out of his grave to remind us of his theory of survival of the fittest. so try to be the best in your field. get good scores. and prepare well for interviews. The Corporate world, recession or no recession, cannot do without good people. and I am sure you are one of those. so good luck! But remember Aditya. Life gives us all many chances. so if you initially fail, it isnt the end of the world. just wipe the dust off your seat and start all over again. Victory is not far.

I would like to print all the mails here but my adviser warned "KISS " -keep it short and simple(or was it stupid! not sure)

Just one request. why cant we share our views on this forum instead of sending private emails.

Let's really make it Hamari Chaupal instead of Meri Chaupal!

Thanks Guys once again. Appreciate it very much.

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