Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Marketing- A new concept

These are depressing times. Its never pleasant to see someone unhappy.
But as I never tire of saying “ When Life dishes out Lemons make Lemonades”
We must take this as a challenge and an opportunity to act smart.

Recession has hit us all. And we have to find ways of augmenting our income in whatever small way is possible.

I present here one such opportunity I came across. Hope it helps.

I have come across this unique market place where the bloggers and advertisers come together to a common market place and where everyone wins. The advertiser gets an advertisement for a much cheaper rate and with a wider audience reach. The blogger gets paid for his services and the readers get to know about a product which they would want to buy without much effort.

Let me give an example. I have written a post about how to crack an interview. Now you can see some ads popping out on the right side which may give you information about the job portals, or tips on how to get prepared for an interview or many such details. The advertiser benefits by getting a target audience – a niche market which would otherwise have taken more efforts and more money.

The important thing is finding the right company . I came across one which looks to be the right one for me. But I am just starting for them. We can exchange our experiences as we go.

You can visit their website and get more information.

Lets make an honest effort to alleviate the pains of recession.

Hope this information helps.

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