Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop this hate mongering.

I woke up today to a shocking mail from Mr. Ramananda Sengupta. He is the chief editor of Sify. He said that he liked my article but was disturbed about the contents in my blog.They are too religious. I was surprised. I never write anything religious , I told him.

He sent me the proof. every time you clicked my link, you would get some Bible preaching, sermons and christian religious information.

This is depressing.

I presume this is some coward who is retaliating because of my criticism of Sonia Gandhi.Wonder what he would achieve by sabotaging my blog. it isnt even political.
Besides I am too small a man for any one to take notice.

Perhaps he should know that i was schooled in a convent. when i was young i learnt guitar from a church priest's son and on many occassions i played organ on a sunday mass. George can testify that. I think i have more respect for that beautiful religion than he does. A religion is about faith not hate.

This can only be some misguided fool.

I wish this man had the courage to come out in the open and debate like a MAN.

But then i think it is asking too much of these narrow minded fundamentalist perverts.

whoever you are - shame on you.


  1. hmm...selling their religion at some ones else's deeds:)