Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fake IPL Player - The new entertainment icon.

Imagine a Cricket match report .
and there is no Sachin, No dravid , no ganguly.
Instead you have Little Monster, Peter ka beta , Lordie? flummoxed? It took me a while too. welcome to this bizarre world of Fake IPL player. someone who has taken the cricketing India by storm.

Guys, this was a totally unplanned post.I read about it in the TOI. But thought it was just another gossip.

But then i read his blog. He is an absolute cracker.

This is a total metamorphosis. Reverence and idolizing is tossed out of the window and sit forlornly in the dumpster.They are replaced by audacious fun making and playing to the gallery.

T20 was always like a one night stand.The wham bam thank you Mam variety. no one really takes it seriously.
So you read more about what is happening outside the field more than inside these days.

Lan Brian did the inside reporting with some success but with a lot of dignity. Fake player has shown the other way. and with loads of success.

The writer has attained an iconic stature. Must say he has a brilliant flair for writing and mixes facts and fictions in a very titillating way. For a tournament starved nation, I think he is more entertaining the tournament itself which has lost its zing after shifting from India. No country can match that zeal of India.

In one month his following has zoomed to about 4000. The nation is obsessed. Who is this mystery writer. It has become a national pastime it seems. His every word is being lapped up, every word being put under a scanner.

And he is hilarious. Take this for instance.The coach advising a player.Maybe he can improve a little batting, a little bowling and a little fielding.The strategy sessions are a must read. and so are the night lives of our high and mighty.

There is a paradigm shift in the way cricket is being played. IPL, good or bad, has changed the entire way cricket is viewed. It is almost an entertainment package with real cricket relegated to the background. It’s no more a game. It’s a circus.

Cheerleaders have taken the main stage and the eyeballs of the entire testosterone charged gen X. Loyalties are shifting more on the basis of the looks of the girls than on the players.

And now this blog. Cricket has a brand new avatar. He is to blogging what IPL is to cricket . Masala cricket has truly arrived.

This is absolutely scandalous. Nothing like this has happened to cricket writing before.

He is a brutal iconoclast.Doesnt respect anyone. And so we have new nicknames like Lordie and Dildo, and batlivala and appam ch#$%ya.

Good bye Sudoku.We Indians have a bigger past time. trying to solve the riddles of the nicks.

I am sure these names will stick long even after the tournament is over.

He is shredding reputations faster than a shredding machine.

There is a moral and a legal aspect. Is it ethical to do what he is doing? Can he be sued by the high and the mighty. Will it spawn a cult of insulting writings like what has happened with the shoe throwing incidents? If he is a real cricketer, which I doubt, is he hitting the last nail on his cricketing coffin?

Only time will tell. The experts are paid to postmortem. The Krishna Kanhaiyas- oops. I am going the fakeplayer’s way. I am already looking forward to all the condemnations by the stuffy, prudish pundits!

It too early to say if he manage his salacious reporting for long.

But For now- I am enjoying his wicked wicked pen!