Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amitabh Bachchan's Middle finger salute

I felt smug. The Mister know it all. As soon as I saw the picture in today’s newspaper, I felt vindicated. There was Amitabh Bacchan with his wife, son and daughter-in-law giving the waiting reporters the middle finger salute.

Enough is enough. How could they harass him day and night and expect him to keep his cool? Agreed he is not a Greg Chappell. It comes naturally to an Australian.
After all the first thing an Australian baby does when he is born is to show his middle finger to his nurse.

But still a gentleman or no gentleman. There has to be a limit to his patience. They wrote so much rubbish about his daughter- in –law and his little man Friday, the multi talented and multi faceted Amar Singh!

So rubbing my hands with glee, I put on my glasses to read the news. I look at the picture once more.

But wait, why are they all smiling? It can’t be a rude gesture? The Americans use their middle finger more than their legs when they are driving. But then they never smile!!!

Then I had another brain wave. Maybe its one of Amar singh’s brilliant new idea. This picture may be his party’s manifesto? No one reads the manifesto any way. So perhaps, they could simply put this picture. After all an image is more than a thousand words.

If they planned to ban English and computers, what more effective way than this?
“ In your face , you urban voters! In your face !”

But no. Samajwadi party was a party of veterans . With Mulayam singh Yadav and Amar Singh at the helm, do they really need actors? They have been doing this to the Indian people for decades.

To solve this conundrum, I read the article.

It was the most benign thing that the great star could have ever done.

He had just voted and was showing his voting ink mark.

Trust the Election commission. We have five fingers and they had to select the middle finger to apply that innocuous mark!

What were they really thinking?

Now every celebrity who comes out, shows you the middle finger!

As they say, some things never change!


  1. I would like 2 tell u one thing. "While reading the post, Its pinching the eye" Hope u take it in the positive way.

  2. sure sachin. your view has to be respected

    but in what way does it pinch ?

  3. As u said, the picture is more than a thousand words... the pic in your blog is an eye-candy, rest everything has faded.

  4. Sure... this thing came to my mind many times but never put it down like you did! good good..:)

  5. got a shock when I first saw the pic...but after reading the post I couldnt stop smiling :)

  6. Thanks arun. got this pic from amitabh's blog.