Friday, April 10, 2009

Angry Indians!

The west has a word 'Angry' which is not used exactly as the way we do. Angry could mean a lot of things. If you are rude or your language impolite its an angry way of expressing. if your driving is rough, you are an angry driver.

I heard a lot of times people describing us as Angry Indians. The reason for that is the way we speak english. we come from a different culture. we are used to talking brief and to the point.Its considered rude here.

But the description ' Angry Indian' comes to my mind when i read the comments of readers in various news portals. most of them are real angry. every word drips with anger.

so i sent my article to sify with a little trepidation.

I was waiting to be skewered. and sure enough i wasnt disappointed. in the first few hours one guy called me a rabid hindu, one called me a ' dumbwit' and a ' Ghati'.
I checked out the meaning with some friends. its a derogatory word to describe we poor Maharashtrians. it comes from Ghat which is the bank of a river and people who work there. perhaps she meant some one not educated or not sophisticated. well! lady i am not apologetic of where i come from and if someone has a problem with that its her problem not mine.

But i am very proud to see that she was snubbed by fellow commentators and all in all the comments were pretty urbane.

My butt may not be as famous as J Lo's or John Abraham's, but its still mine and am glad it wasnt roasted!

Its always nice to have divergent views. I have some real great friends and they always talk tangentially to what i say and still we are friends.

I write this to just press one point. lets just remain proud Indians instead of angry indians.

Life is too short to carry grudges of any kind.

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