Friday, April 3, 2009

Ashish and Sheersh - Right at the TOP

On Feb. 16th I wrote a Post , Pay Forward. Then again I wrote another post on Feb. 26th “ Children of a Lesser God.”

The underlying theme in both the posts was giving back to the society.

what i failed to express eloquently has been done by some one who is way too young than me.

Well this post is not about me. its about him.

This is about a very noble effort started by one young IITian Ashish Gourav. He has aptly called it“ Sheersh”. Sheersh is the Summit. and he wants to take every young student to the summit.


What Sheersh is trying to do is help the school students get motivated and aim higher.

Ashish can indeed be a very brilliant role model for all these young aspirants.

He has very vividly and in very simple words described his quest for reaching IIT.
Its very honestly written and tugs at your heart strings.
He stumbled. He had doubts. sleepless nights. But he never gave up.

You can read it in his blog

I know I have a very adult readership. And his effort is a venture meant for students.

But I couldn’t resist to express my admiration for this sincere attempt.

Ashish may succeed or fail. His blog may fail to reach the desired level.

But at least he has made an honest attempt. And for that I doff my hat to him. Please try to make his effort reach as many youngsters as possible.

Guys, I received a lot of mails complimenting on my post ‘ Open Letter to the PM.’

I am encouraged. Thanks guys. Surprisingly not a single one was critical. That shows that people CAN think beyond petty party and regional or communal affiliations.

I always maintain that we have a very responsible young generation. This is the proof.

And of course people like ASHISH.

Hope his venture reaches the Sheersh.

Good luck.


  1. Thank-You "Sudhir Sir"...

    "Sheersh" as rightly described in this lucid post is a social venture for school students who don't get proper avenues for reaching the top... awareness plays a key role in success of any person and first aim of "Sheersh" is to make students and parents aware about the various career opportunities available and how to excel in them...

    I know our goal is quite ambitious but we just want a little support from people and we can at least get closer to our vision.

    With Regards
    Ashish Gourav