Sunday, March 22, 2009

To dad with love.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

It’s difficult to encapsulate a life in a few hundred words.

I remember the first time as a seven year old boy I was to give a two minutes speech in front of the school.
For those two minutes we went through a two weeks charade. He used to take me every day on a bicycle for my practice. We used to record the speech in his office and replay it and while on our way back we used to stop for an ice cream and he used to tell me where I went wrong. And I used to recite it again on the way home.

My dad was the proudest when the chief guest hugged me and said,
“ Yeh mithu ( parrot) kahan se le kar aye.”

Countless such competitions came and went. But he prepared me for all of them with equal enthusiasm. I won some lost many. But I overcame stage fright.

When I was addressing large gatherings of eminent people in UK as a part of my job, I used to look up and thank him every time.

I owe him every single Pound that I earned there!!!!!.

He was a dapper man with a great sartorial style. You could hardly see him without a suit. I was still a school boy and learning.

I remember a typical Indian wedding where we both were the only ones wearing suits. Back then people were not so formal. “ Dad I feel like a jerk.” I whispered. “ Don’t.” he whispered back. “ Look at all the pretty girls staring at you. You know they feel you are the most handsome guy.”

I was still angry. And to make things worse two girls giggled as they crossed us by. I was furious.

“ Girls isn’t he good looking?” Now I was red.

The girls were now laughing loudly. “ I thought you look more handsome than him.” One girl impishly commented.

“ Ah . Sad but true. But does it help to know that he carries my genes.” My unfazed dad replied. I was young then. And girls making fun of me was not something I took kindly. I was grumpy the whole evening.

When I started working and became the GM of a company , he came to my factory .
I was entertaining some clients.

“ Dad like to have a drink?”
“ Are you asking me as a GM or my son?”

“ OK either way what’s your answer?” I asked exasperated.
“ YES” He said much to the amusement of my clients. I was a mute spectator as dad took over the stage and the clients were totally absorbed in his anecdotes.Business was totally forgotten. or so i thought.

It was only when one of the clients remarked , “ You are really fortunate that you have him as a dad. My father was like Atilla , the Hun.” that I smiled. He just didnt get me business. he found me friends for life.!

Another lesson learnt. Make friends. Business will naturally follow.

The clients called me every day while he was in the Hospital.

But he was a great disciplinarian too. My mates in the engineering college would vouch for it. There was a joke in the class. They didn’t need a watch to see if it was 9. PM. All they had to do was peep through our window and see if we were at our dinner table.

I can hardly remember if we ever broke that rule.

He was a great chess player and it was always hard to defeat him.

My saddest moment was when we were taking him to delhi for his operation. I wanted to cheer him. So I offered that we play.
I was trying hard to lose. But his cancer was in advanced stage and he wasn’t able to kill the game no matter what I did.

I was in tears. My Hero was dying.

He left in style. Joking with the ward boys, the nurses and the doctors.

Every one talks about how to live. He taught us how to die.

He died but the memories didn’t.

Guys, we Indians are very poor in expressing our feelings. Make it a point to tell your dad, your mom and whoever you love, how much you love them.Do that before it's too late.

Its 12 am as i write. I come out and see. It’s a clear night. There are many stars.

I look for the brightest one.

I find one. And suddenly I see it twinkling. Nah it's winking!

That should be my dad.

“ Happy birthday dad. See that the Gods don’t drink too much.”


  1. Nice blog....

    very nicely written with great emotions...
    pls comment

  2. Very extraordinary post, Sudhir !

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  4. Looks like your dad was great combination of joy and discipline. You must have learned a lot from him.
    You are so lucky to have such dad.

  5. Hi Yogi, Thanks for your appreciation. indeed i was fortunate.