Friday, March 6, 2009

Of the Will to do

I read a mail from one compassionate fan. He says that he loved my post titled “ Children of a lesser God” and feels motivated to do something. Only he doesn’t know what.

It is late afternoon. I decide to reply later. As it is the crack of dawn in India . I reserve this time to read the latest happenings there.

An article catches my eye “ No borders in this battle against cancer”.

It is the touching story of an engineering student in Chennai who was suffering from blood cancer and how he was treated when an Australian Donor , A Singapore Doctor and a philanthropist came together. It is indeed a very heart warming story.
Speak of the world being a global village! Wow.

The part that tugged at my heart strings was the efforts put in by the students to raise Rs. 45 Lakhs.
It goes to show that when the youngsters decide , Nothing is impossible.
Well done guys; proud of you!

Once Nehru famously told JRD Tata that Profit was a dirty word.
I am a great admirer of Nehru. He was an erudite soul.
But even great men can sometimes err in their judgments.

There is no shame in making money. And profit is not dirty.

Some of the greatest philanthropists are the richest people.

But again it’s not just money. It’s the will to do something.

In one story we have both the examples.

The friend’s mother , Shanti Suresh. she had resources. She helped.
And the compassionate students of Anna University's Guindy Engineering college. They had no resources. Yet they helped.

Both had one thing in common – THE WILL ; the desire to do.

Charity is a subject close to my heart and I wouldn’t like to frivolously broach it.
Keep looking for future posts.

Guys, I came to know that there are quarterly tests and exams every where.

Beuna Suerta - which in Spanish means Good luck!!!!


  1. Charity... I have got mixed feelings for it. On one hand I cannot help but give to the elderly but I have reservations about giving it to able bodied. It seems to have become a career option for many here in India.

    As Baba Amte would have liked you say: "Give them CHANCE not CHARITY"

  2. Thanks for your comment. As I said before I too dislike the word charity. it reeks of snobbery.
    I accept your point. But what about educating the young people or helping provide shelter to the homeless?