Sunday, March 8, 2009

Of Music, records and AR Rahman.

Music runs in our family. We have broken more records than probably the Mangeshkar family has ever made. The only difference was that while they were laughing their way to the bank , we always invariably ended in tears.
The first record that I broke was a priceless Beatles one. And my dad was furious. And that is how I learnt to run. I kept breaking records and kept running. Unfortunately i couldnt make a career in either athletics or music.

Music made me a star. Well almost.
I think I was five year old then. And I was given a part in the musical from the Sound of Music. I was one of the kids who sits while the teacher sings the song. ‘ Doe a Deer’ Nothing more than what I did everyday in the school really.
But it was my first stage appearance and I felt big. What happened next or what didn’t happen ever is another story. I still look back longingly at my fondest memory as a star. only if li'l champs had started a little earlier!

However , music has given me more heartaches than happiness. I remember when my room mate heard one telugu number that went something like , “ Om Namah Namah .. .” It was a melodious song and we got hooked to it. Thinking that it was a devotional song we used to play it every morning much to the annoyance of the other guys in the hostel. Till one day one guy from AP came and seriously enquired if I was jilted in love. He was roaring with laughter when he heard our part. And soon we were the butt of all jokes. We never ever played even any devotional songs after wards.

I remember my one date. Everything was perfect. The candle light, the wine and the ambience. I had requested the DJ to play Michael Bolton’s Can I touch you there which according to me is the most romantic song. Not until she settled and appreciatively looked around and then confided. “ This is perfect. Except that if he plays Michael Bolton. I will kick someone’s shin. It’s the cheesiest number I know. Imagine which creep can play that to his girl friend?” I was aghast. I was waving at the DJ not to play and he nodding his head and with a benevolent look that would have made the Pope proud played the Bolton number at full blast. I nursed my shin for a week.

Since dad was in the AirForce, I was more musically inclined towards the English music. However that was to change when I heard AR Rahman. That was accidental though.

There was one homesick student in Leeds UK who was my brother’s boss’s son. He used to be very depressed whenever ( which was always) he listened to the music of Swades .
I was pretty annoyed with him as I had tried everything.
Then exasperated I blurted, “ The first thing you need to do is give that goddamn CD to some IDIOT”. The next morning he came with utmost seriousness and said that he gave my advise a thought and couldn’t think of any one better. And he gave the CD to me!

My car seat must still be wet with the buckets of tears that I shed while listening to “ yeh jo des hai tera.” Talk of doing a good deed!

I never quite understood the meaning of ‘ ungliyon par nachana’ till I saw Rahman singing at the Oscars. He had the whole world tapping to his music.

What can you say of such a stalwart “ Jai Ho”

Rohit Ramesh from Hyderabad writes a beautiful mail. He says that he actually hated reading long articles but now enjoys them. Thanks Rohit. I am glad you enjoy them. Its fans like you who keep me going.

Keep writing guys. It makes me feel young. :)

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