Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Rambler's Inn.

I thought my blogging career was coming to an end as I saw just me reading my own Posts. No one else was reading Poor Me!

My nephew explained that its Holi time. Time for fun and laughter. No one is really thinking of boring things like laptops and -YOU.

Guess that madness called Holi is gone and we are back to our decent boring ways!

Smi and Ankit thanks for your funny remarks. They were worth the wait.
Amid Haikal a very thoughtful youngster posted his thoughts on charity.Thanks Amid.We may differ on many issues. But I would still respect them. A different view is always an extra dimension. Keep them coming.

I have an email from a very brave young boy who recently lost his mother to a battling cancer. He said that he could relate to my feelings in my Holi Post.Respecting his sentiment I have deleted it from my Blog.
He asked me how did I cope with the loss and how can I remain so cheerful when I am jobless.

My thoughts go out to you and your Dad as i write this post.You have handled the loss very well. I am very proud of you. Losing a parent is never easy. Remember your mom was a noble soul.God too loved her as much as you did.
As a matter of fact she never left you.Close your eyes and you can still feel her loving presence.You are a very sensible boy.Let her loving presence guide you to a fulfilling and happy career. study hard. She will rest in peace to see how well she brought you up.

And thanks for thinking you could share your sorrow with me.I am humbled. If there's anything I can do for you,I am just a shout away. Don't think twice.

Well I am jobless but not without work! My post keeps me busy.And there are many kind people like you who keep sending their appreciation and their comments making this a very worthwhile experience.
and blush blush! I am writing a book. It's appropriately called the 'The Rambler's Inn'.

The Webster describes Rambler as a person who talks or write in a desultory or long winded way.

I am enjoying this new found freedom. I am no longer a prisoner of time or a routine.
I wake up at two at night and write. sleep till 11 am and have my breakfast at 12.00.Just do what I please.

In short it would have been one great vacation but for the vitamin M which we all need to survive. (You guessed right! Those green bills with the pictures of dead presidents! President Washington on the $1 bill, President Lincoln on the $5 Bill and President Jackson on the $20 bill.

They remind me everyday of 'who moved my cheese'

" Find new cheese son else we find someone else's wallet!" They keep threatening.

Presidents can be mean too!".

Here's a preview of my Magnum Opus! You will never ever get to buy the Book.Just send me your best wishes.
My marketing strategy is all worked out.
I have already maxed my credit cards. The credit card companies won't have any option but to buy my great work of art.Buy or perish!

The dead Presidents can move their dead collective butts.

Marketing genius!!!

Move over Lee Iaccoca. Your time is up.

"The moon beam was my torch and your memory my GPS. Alas there were no wipers on my eyes as my vision blurred ; partly with the rain drops and partly with my tears. my hands trembled as your heart fell from my hand on the ground breaking into a thousand pieces.And suddenly a thousand stars looked up at me from them.I knew then.this was my abode. My rambler's inn."

Keep sending your comments Guys.

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