Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sex Education

The day I reached Orlando, my friend took me for a movie. We crossed a beautiful building which was built upside down as if it was crumbling. It was an architecture marvel. Unfortunately I dint have my camera. But I am able to copy it from the net.

Little did I know that it was prophetic.

My life has turned upside down since I returned. Before , I was always complaining of insomnia but ever since I returned I have turned into a hypersomniac. I am sleeping all day and still I have a feeling that I haven’t slept enough.

Today when I went to a convenience store and was waiting in the queue I was trying hard to keep awake. There was a mother and child in front of me and the mom was explaining about taxes on goods and how they help in running a society smoothly. “ think it this way son.” She said. “ all the taxes we pay here helps in your education. Don’t think of your pleasure alone. You owe it to yourself and to the society.”

To keep awake, I was listening to their conversation very closely.

I was quiet impressed with the succinct way the mom explained. Women have a way with children I thought.

I remembered the time a close friend had narrated a joke. A busy professional's son brought a sheath of paper with him and asked him, “ Dad , I need this for my school. There’s this column about sex. What do I write.”

The absent minded guy didnt bother to read the whole thing and braced himself.He thought he had to teach his son about sex some day and today was that day. He brought out two dolls, one boy and one girl and tried to explain to the wide eyed kid about intercourse and child birth.

At the end with a gleam in his eyes, he told him to write in his own words what he had just explained about sex.

The puzzled kid looked at him and blurted, “ but dad , there are only two boxes in front of sex : M and F and the instruction is to cross one! How do I write all that you just told.

A lady was buying condom right in front of the kid and mother. She asked the price. $1 she was told. The woman was indignant. How could they charge so much. how can anyone pay so much for just a little pleasure?” that crass woman boomed. The young boy at the counter was all pink . Probably it was his first day at work.

Suddenly there was a small voice from behind explaining. “ Mam, think of it not as a pleasure. Think of it as a duty. The money you pay now helps me get my education.”

There was a snigger as the embarrassed woman quickly paid and left.

I left the store yawning.
The child’s education taken care of , the mother and son walked proudly hand in hand.

Life sometimes needs a Mom’s simple solutions rather than the esoteric and convoluted ones of a dad.

Maybe, after all, I am just tired.

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