Friday, July 10, 2009

Broken Wings.

The Recession has taken its toll of another talented Indian. 24 yr. old banker, an oxford graduate, Anjool Malde jumped from an upscale restaurant in London after he feared that he was being fired from his job. I am going to reserve any comment with a respect for the departed.

I love London. and I love the Indians there. I have too many happy memories to remember them in this morbid way.

The situation is bizarre. Have we Indians no stomach for a fight? Are we so lost that we are unable to keep things in perspective? does losing a job mean more than losing one's life? Honestly I have no answers.

But it is pretty depressing.

I have decided to take a break. For two weeks no news, no internet and so obviously no posts.

some times no news can be good news!

So long guys, and keep alive till I return!
( Sorry for the sick joke, that is the reason i need a break!)

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