Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mere Paas ........Baap hai!

I jumped as the phone rang shrilly. It was onal asking for her dad. “ Happy Father’s day dad.” She wished her dumbstruck dad with an expression which you would have if you saw an alien and wouldn’t know what to do or say. He mumbled something incoherently and kept the phone down.

“ what does this mean?”. He was kind of bewildered. He is still trying getting used to all the spate of Days. ( he enquired if there was a mother-in-law day too? I said I will check next time I am in Archies. Bet they do!!)

Again he had one more question. “ will Yugesh call?”

I thought about it. “ When did you recharge his ATM Card?”

“ Day before”

“ well I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

My brother grinned. “ me too.”

Now Yugesh may treat his father as an ATM but I wonder if all his frequent trips to the ATM would remind him of Father's day!Fat chance. when you are hungry and withdrawing money the only picture that comes to mind is that of a chicken as in
" Chicken Biryani".

I can imagine a red faced Yugesh calling angrily. “ I don’t call only when I need money. what about that call when I needed a cover for my ipod? Or when I need a new battery for my mobile? You guys unnecessarily malign me.” Point to be noted.

Well a father has never been given his due. Granted I am not a movie buff, but still I could barely remember one dialogue about father. “ Rishtey main to hum tumhare baap lagte hain.” And only one song , “ Papa kehte hain” maybe because the kid barely ever gets to listen to his papa’s voice. How on earth would he know what are his father’s views?

I was thinking about writing a tribute to my father. But a young reader pointed out that I have almost written all I can about him. Would I have anything new to say? I guess not.

I had only one father and he didn’t have nine lives. So I take his advise and simply print the link to one of my earlier tributes.

All you young fathers. Don’t crib that your kids neglect you or don’t care for you. doesn’t matter if he lives with you. doesn’t matter if you daily share the same breakfast table. But if you want to connect with him, dont look at his mother; Look at your lap top instead.

No point in trying to talk , spare your breath, instead get on the facebook, use sms , join twitter. Learn the high fives, lol when you want to laugh, try being them. They are not bad kids. Its just that their way of expressing love has changed.

They may not have time to write eulogies like me, but they too care. If you ever get a single sms or twitter mentioning you are kool, take a printout , frame it and keep it on your office table. Your son has given you the biggest compliment. !!!!!!!

For the more sentimental kind of you, Here’s Keith Urban singing “ Song for Dad”