Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More sex please ! We are Indians !!

I have this friend from IIT who was one of the drivers in starting my blog. He has been giving me valuable inputs and had been instrumental in improving the aesthetics of the blog.

He is a brilliant statistician and now and then keeps quantifying and educating me about the readers response. He had this interesting piece of statistics.

The maximum response I get is either when I write about humor or sex. The next one is movies and then cricket. He asked me what did I infer? Well I am appalled!!!!!! Sex and humor? What am I supposed to infer? He cheekily advised write more about sex since you definitely have a poor sense of humor and your knowledge about movies is pathetic.

He did have a point. But I am no Prakash Kothari. Nor a dirty minded Khushwant Singh.

Also, he had this interesting piece. The guys visiting my blog from Pakistan invariably reached there by googling sex! wow!and I thought that i had a cross border appeal a la Sania Mirza!

In Togo, I once saw a lot of blue films selling on the street. My interpreter with a twinkle in his eyes told me that yes the kids buy them a lot. What! Kids! He looked at me strangely. “ yes. What would adults do with them. Sex is something you do. Not watch!”
I felt like I was in the august presence of a sex guru.

As a natural corollary I may add its something you do. Not read.

But the statistics cannot lie. Does it mean we have more sex between our ears than between our legs.? I don’t have the faintest clue.

Have you heard about Banta singh whose son came up with two sheets of paper and asked him, “ Dad, I want to know about sex.”

Banta Singh thought its high time I perform my paternal duty. Patiently, He brought a Barbie doll and a male toy and took two hours explaining as lucidly as he could.

The young boy scratched his head and asked, “ How do I write all that you explained. There are only two choices Male/ Female.” It was an application for summer hobbies workshop.

Won’t I end up being a muddle head like Banta Singh. I am lost.

My British friend is amused. “ Why are you surprised coming from the land of Kamasutra and a billion people.” Oh yeah loser. Cricket originated in your country and does it surprise you how well you play?

Wise cracks notwithstanding, I am still ignorant.

From the younger days of “ No sex please we are British” to my older days of “ More sex please we are Indians,” life has come a full circle for me.

The question remains. Is Sex a three lettered dirty word or the three lettered sure shot ( as the scholarly IITian puts it ,‘Hit’.

Any erudite help?

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