Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Non English Songs which were a hit.

This is a very depressing week. There is nothing to rejoice. The Maoists have attacked a bus and there is little we could do except begin the blame game. I would still offer my support to the HM.Its a tough ask and he looks to be the best among the available.

The central government has completed its one year with nothing to show. We were out of the world cup even before the super eight.

To lift the sagging mood, lets talk about music.

I have been thinking of compiling some great non English songs which were hits and were the chart toppers. Couldnt be a better time than now.

Here are some of those lovely songs which have entertained us and even inspired our Bollywood Music Directors.

1. LA BAMBA : This delightful Mexican song was one song which took the singer and the song to the Rock and Roll hall of fame. This Ritchi Valen Song even “ Inspired “ our Bhappi Lahiri to remake it into a bollywood song. But this post is not about remakes so I am going to give it a skip. But it can be viewed on the Youtube. The movie is Afsana pyar ka and the song is aashik deewana hoon.

2. LAMBADA : I have already mentioned about this Brazilian song in one of my earlier posts. So will give it a skip.

3. MACARENA : can anyone forget this brilliant song which became the anthem of the 90s. This song is the best debut album of all times in the USA. Even people with two left feet could dance these easy steps. Plagiarism? well! dont go too far. ask the indian idol!

4. Ketchup Song : This song is so melodious that it became a hit with young Tanmay even when he was just three years old. A big smile used to cross his face whenever this song was played. I predicted that he would have great taste in music. Sure he didn’t disappoint. The next song he took liking to was ‘ choli ke peeche kya hai’ Now he likes ‘ Bidi jalaye le’.!

5.ITak tak Mo : I am sure many guys may not have heard it. But it is one of my favorites. It is a Filipino song. I heard it when I was in Thailand. Loved it ever since. I know the Papaya dance became much more popular. OK I will add both here. But that doesnt change my opinion Itak tak mo rocks!

There is always constraint of space and bandwidth. There were other songs as well. Like the German Luft Baloon or the Korean song. Maybe I will post them some other time.
The popularity of all these songs goes to show that Music doesn’t need the knowledge of that language.

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