Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tharoor, IPL and the shrimps.

Boy ! Real life was never more entertaining. Why do we need movies when the news channels are providing wholesome entertainment.

Even before the Sania Shoaib drama was over and the Channels were left wondering about where their next TRPs were coming from, our gallant minister of state stepped in.

This man has an unusual talent. Whenever our benign PMs overseas visits threaten to take centre stage, Tharoor pulls out something out of his hat. (But this time the Dr. wouldnt grudge.Like all his previous visits to USA, he has only the delectable cuisine to talk about). Now his tussle with Modi proves to be much more entertaining than the IPL itself. It has all the ingredients of a hit bollywood flick. There’s money ( truck loads) , a buxom beauty and now a murder plot.
It doesn’t hurt that Mr. Tharoor has the looks and the gab.

Yesterday I watched his interview on the congress owned TV channel, NDTV. There he was photogenic, suave, articulate and charming trying hard to look credible. Old Barkha Dutt was her usual self too loud, annoying and trying to look credible. Both failed miserably.

It wasn’t Tharoor’s fault though. He did make Barkha Dutt jelly with his boyish charm. But to justify a salary of 75 crores for his girl friend was too much. What was he thinking. People would accept that kind of a salary normal? That too for some one unknown. That too from some owner like Kochi! It was like a Kalari( those poor people’s pubs selling country liquor in some obscure corner of the city) inviting Aishwarya Rai to perform! Good try minister. But I am not buying it. Even your die hard fans would find it hard too.

Speaking of IPL, what’s with Yuvraj Singh. I am not talking about his form. Forms come and go. Its his attitude and arrogance. Hasn’t he heard of some called Sachin.

Digvijay Singh has stirred a hornet’s nest with his article in the Economic Times. He rightly called P Chidambaram as intellectually arrogant. Its fun time folks. The fire engines have been alerted. Mani Shankar Aiyar , the maverick politician from TN, chipped in with a Diggi raja is one lakh percent right!!! A mathematical absurdity? Since when has relevance been a strong point in politics or bollywood.

Manmohan Singh has his hands full. He has a bunch of talented, good looking and TV genic ministers who all suffer with just one disease. Foot in the mouth. They collected expensive degrees abroad where they didn’t teach something called ‘ collective responsibility’. Kapil Sibal, Jairam Ramesh, Kamal Nath. Each quick enough to find faults with the other’s policy. Looks like Dr. Singh may have more friends in the opposition!

The summer is killing me. Feel like a dried apricot. My basest instincts are out. I am jealous. Yeah I hate the shrimps. Did you know that they have their heart in their head. So even if they think with their heart, they are still thinking with their heads.

I am sure all the faux pas happen only when people start thinking with their heart.

Wouldn’t you be happier being a shrimp Mr. Tharoor?


  1. Hey. . .nice post. . .
    I also watched that shashi tharoor interview . . .and really that interview löoked well scripted. .
    And what is going on with shashi thaaror. . .when he should be in USA with our PM ,who is there for such an important tour. . .he is here going heads with lalit modi. . .

    Really feel pity on ourselves . . .who vote for such fools. . .


  2. Tharoor is an entertainer....he entertains himself by getting married and people by landing up in controversy.....

  3. Chayan,
    Thanks for your comment. so very true.Tharoor is like a wine gone sour. I was one of his admirers. not any more

  4. Hi Life,
    haha that was a gem of a remark. very droll indeed.
    Thanks for visiting.