Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's India once again!

After the cold Rochester and wet California, it’s the scorching sun in Hyderabad. The city is a cauldron. There is no greenery. The trees have been the first casualty of development. Trees have been felled indiscriminately to widen roads or build new scrapers without planting any new ones. A hard price to pay indeed! I wonder if its cooler in the Saharas.The water tankers are already a part of the imagery. Soon it will be a harsh reality.

This is just the beginning friends warn. The summer has arrived a moment too soon this year.

This week has been all shoaib sania or the Maoists and the sad death of our brave soldiers. Shashi Tharoor is at it again. He is again in another controversy. This time it’s the IPL Kochi. I have been an ardent supporter of Tharoor. But now he is beginning to look frivolous. He is like a all play and no work boy. Besides , this time it looks like a scandal involving millions. If that unfortunately turns out to be true, Tharoor loses one supporter.

The Shoaib – Sania coverage just shows the banality of the press. They do make a very handsome pair, both are celebrities but does that justify the 24/7 madness? Their wedding has been made the event of the season . But I must say they may win a lot of votes for the dumbest pair too. I doubt if this marriage will last even the ritual ‘love all’ that Sania is used to hearing on the courts and while Shoaib may have bowled a lot of maiden overs or a lot of maidens over, this one clearly is a no ball.

It was fun reading the comments from our brothers and sometimes even sisters from across the border on this wedding on various portals. It was equally fun reading the rejoinders from the Indians . The Pakistanis see this as a poetic justice to all the bollywood movies that show the Indian hero going and eloping with a Pakistani woman. They get the bragging rights now because an Indian girl, a celebrity, has fallen to the looks of a Pakistani hunk thereby implying that they are superior to the Indian males and she is marrying him cos she couldn’t find a single eligible indian. In turn the Indians not to be left behind retaliate in the earthiest of language. Anything that happens between the two countries, sometimes as silly as this wedding, assumes the proportions of a war. Some one has to come out a winner.

The South Asian men are overgrown kids.I am not limiting it to one country. It is completely forgotten that sex is not a wrestling match and no one is a winner. They would do well to remember that BRAIN is something that is between the two ears and not something that is between their two legs. The thing between the two ears is something that is used to think.That between the two legs has a well defined role but thinking isnt one of it.

The Home Minister got away lightly with a resignation drama which fooled no one. It would have been normal had it not been the death of our brave soldiers.But accountability is surely not the most popular word in the lexicon of Indian politics. He would have done well to keep his arrogance aside and listen to all or at least his colleagues like Digvijay Singh and Ajit Jogi. They have been chief ministers in that land and know the problem. It is not a simple law and order problem and the Maoists are not just terrorists as has been depicted. There is a serious development issue involved. The tribal confidence has to be restored in the system. Attack is not the solution. If some one had moved out of his air conditioned office and tried to see the ground reality, perhaps our brave soldiers may have been alive. But this government appears clueless apart from scoring brownie points against the state government and some school boyish wise cracks about where the buck stops.

While returning from USA, I saw one American soldier returning from Iraq. The reception he was accorded was heart warming. Can some one from the government go and look after the dead soldiers’ family, Offer them solace and some compensation. They have lost a bread winner serving our country and we must ensure that the family lives in dignity.

This is my first summer in a decade. Its not at all pleasant. But I am game enough and am sure I will grapple it.After all I have braved it before. Last night i had my favorite mint chutney. Got to look around for a nice swimming pool.what more!!!
Its beer time folks!!!!!!!


  1. Hello Uncle,

    Welcome back to hot summers in India and with chilled local beer.

    You know what, AP governor has shocked to hear that AP govt. is running on income incured on liquor (approx. Rs.12,000 cr).

    I welcome you to AP govt. TAX payer group.

    See you soon...

    Have fun.

  2. Thanks Vinay,
    Its an open secret that liquor gets the max. revenue.
    but whos complaining :P