Sunday, March 28, 2010

The March Madness

Once a long time ago, I was traveling in a public transport. A construction worker, perhaps late for his work enquired with a foreigner, sitting next to him, “what is time!”

The portly foreigner , apparently on a vacation, smiled at him and replied, “Well my friend. That is a profound question. Many philosophers and thinkers have tried to find the answer for this esoteric question.” I am sure he must have been from England.

But the man was unaware of one of the brutal truths of life. Philosophy and subtleties of English language are not appreciated on an empty stomach.

The worker clearly not amused, thought this guy was a jerk and turned to another guy, this time his Indian brother, and got the right time.

I remembered this story when I asked some one the time in Kentucky. I was on my way to Minnesota. My car clock and mobile were showing different times. USA is a big country with many time zones. Any one on a long drive can tell how much difference an hour can make.

The man replied oh these aren’t happy times. I agreed and replied that more the reason for keeping track. Good times come and go. But the bad times stick on. He laughed heartily and gave me the correct time.

March is marching on. I am not even in Texas. So can’t blame it on the Sun. But it has been one crazy month. If some one had hedged a grand as a bet on the things I am doing now, I would have laughed. But here I am doing all crazy things.

I lasted just four days in the new job. I am still unsure if it is just some psychological imbalance or some real physiological problem. But each time I looked at the screen, I would go blank looking at the excel sheet. My hands and feet were cold and I would feel a knot in the stomach. I just felt all exhausted and tired. In one meeting I barely kept awake. Time to seek professional help.

If that was not strange I even did a DIY ( Do it yourself) job at a friends place. He has recently purchased a beautiful house in Orlando. We went and purchased a massive table for his study. The table comes in knocked down condition with detailed diagrams. I am very bad in these things. It took us a lot of effort figuring out what was the dowel end or which was the bracket and which screw fitted where. But finally the table stood up, albeit a bit shakily, like a new born foal. Another feather in my worn cap!

That gave me some confidence and now I am on a new adventure. Driving 1500 miles, all alone, in Midwest. Well there is no age for madness. There is always a time for the first.

I watch the landscape change like a kaleidoscope, from vast parched expanses to brilliant velvety green, the roads sometimes meandering like a drunk or sometimes undulating dangerously reminding of the Disney world. It was a foolish adventure. But I am not complaining.

As I took a customary break , an elderly man heard me order coffee and started fishing his pockets. When I reached for my coffee he tapped me from behind and offered me a free coupon. He apologized for being just that moment late but hoped maybe I could use it somewhere on the way. I profusely thanked him and promised to use it during my next break. It was the hospitable Midwest at its best.

I decided to stay overnight at Mt. Plantain, Mo. The hotel was very elegant with a warm bath and a massive comfortable looking king sized bed. I eased myself into the hot tub and felt all the tension and ache slowly go away. Two stiff shots of Johnny walker and a warm meal and I crashed like there was no tomorrow. I always claim that I am his special child. As I was fishing in my trunk for my leather bag, I suddenly saw this bottle lying there like a surprise gift. It was what I really had wanted after a long and arduous journey! Praise the lord! I should start visiting temple more often. I cant remember buying it.

There are different kind of people. for some it’s not the journey but the end while for some it’s the journey and not the end which is more important. As I was staring hard and drove more by instinct , trying to look through the massive fog with almost zero visibility somewhere in Tennessee, a thought struck me. I almost apologized myself for all the time wasted. I thought of all the dreary hours in the office!

Its cold. I have no warm clothes. Why is it that I always find myself in such situations. Year after year I was carrying jackets, jerseys and heavy coats looking like an idiot in the warm and sunny Florida. This time I left all of the warm clothing in India! Just a lounge suit with me. It feels strange wearing one on the weekend!

Murphy has competition. Only Kekre’s Laws doesn’t sound that great.

I am glad that just two days left in march. Hope the madness ends and I soon find myself back on track.


  1. makes me want to join you in the madness...

  2. i would rather not!!!! :)
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  3. yes it is :P
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