Monday, March 8, 2010

The Kalends of March

Kalends is the first day of the Month in the Roman calendar. Ideally I would have preferred it to be the ides of march. At least it has some history even though it’s dark. Kalends , on the other hand, signifies the day on which the bill was due. Makes me feel all oily like the village baniya!

But then you can’t decide on the day you would like to be born. And since it is the accountant’s day , a check on the life’s balance sheet is inevitable.

To be fair enough, Life has treated me well. For a non believer, ( I dislike the word atheist. There is some kind of a finality to it.) God has been pretty kind to me.
If given a choice I would still like to lead the same life. I may not have much to show in terms of worldly possessions or much to brag about. But I lived life on my terms. My professor discouraged me to take up marketing since he thought I lacked marketing skills. My astrologer said I had no foreign travel in the lines of my palm and my mom was worried that the Gods will never forgive me for not praying.

Well I make a living by marketing and traveling to various foreign countries and the Gods all over the world have been more than kind to me. There is no joy in proving some one wrong. But it always feel good to have the Gods on your side!

Thank you dear Lord ( in any language). I am glad you understood me!

Each year I thank my mom or my dad or my family. But this year let the good lord know. He is special for me too!

• Like all , I had my ups and downs in life. Last year was a financial disaster. Yet I still managed my daily quota of two glasses of wine. Thank you lord Bacchus.
• When my dreams started dying, God gave me a potent tool – insomnia. No sleep no dream. Thank You God Morpheus.
• When I was being created, God was in a bad mood ( or was it my mom!). So I wasn’t made particularly dashing. But he made it up by putting me in so many embarrassing situations that now I am a veteran in carrying off such situations well. Thank you the God of whatever!
• And thank you Goddess Mnemosyne for not even looking in my direction. With a short memory I am able to forgive all the guys who use me, abuse me or take me for granted.( Don’t look at my middle finger guys. I never said I am a saint! )
• Thank you Hermes. The god of travel. With your benevolence , I have something to show on my passport if not on my resume!

The Gods are many and their benevolence uncountable. And I am not dying! So others can wait till I sober!

Well, I had a special bottle of a Greek drink Ouzo and an Italian wine gifted by two very special friends and decided to celebrate with them. So perhaps the handsome invisible Greek God in me took over!

(I remembered this post after almost a week and still can feel the hangover. So posting it without any editing. )


  1. Awesome post.

    In my view,the greatest or shall i say the mandatory quality one needs to posses is sense of humour.It gives the ability to laugh off ones own mistakes or the so called weakness.It also makes light of any dfficult situation one may face.

    I see you posses this quality and it shows in your post dear bro.

  2. Hey awesome post...Arguably its best of your all the posts....Self deprecating humor at its best...

  3. Thanks Dravidian. I feel humbled with all that praise :P

  4. Thanks Life.Appreciate your comment.

  5. @When my dreams started dying, God gave me a potent tool – insomnia. No sleep no dream. Thank You God Morpheus.

    Amazing..ha ha

  6. glad you liked it Anand. many thanks