Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leave Mr. Bachchan alone

The good thing about Americans is that they do everything in the open. So I saw a lot of huge billboards advertising adult sex toys and other such things as i drove through the Midwest. Ironically, there was one board next to one such board, obviously from the church, sermonizing that if we repent for our sins honestly the lord will forgive us. perfect placement!

With all the sex abuse cases coming up against the church in various parts of the worlds , the Vatican city is now becoming adept in the art of seeking forgiveness. Though one question still begs answer. If an individual performs this heinous crime, he is dubbed as a paedophile and rightly gets the strictest punishment while if a group does the same it is called a church and can escape with a mere sorry!

Unfortunately for us, the ruling party doesn’t even have to say sorry for anything. They have a servile press which can dub a Modi as a mass murderer but see no wrong in the sikh genocide. I have yet to see any English paper calling Rajiv Gandhi a mass murderer. So what is good for the goose may not be right for the gander. Specially if the goose happens to feed their greedy mouths.

I remember as a child, my father made us sit and read all the newspaper editorials. The editorial was the most important part of a newspaper. The editors were men of integrity. Arun Shourie, Dileep Padgaonkar MJ Akbar. one may not agree with them. but they were men of intergrity. Today I would be worried if the children read editorials. They are nothing but inane drivel of self serving limpets masquerading as journalists.

It is alright as long as these people play there dirty little games between themselves and the politicians. The Modis and the Gandhis are capable of taking care of themselves. But it irks when someone like the Big B is targeted for no apparent reason.

Lets accept it. He is the tallest among the tall stars of Bollywood. He conducts himself with dignity which is more than what can be said about our brothers and sisters from the other two professions. He did some mistakes. But what the hell. He is a citizen and not a politician.

What the Congress did to him was utterly shameful. You can’t invite a guest and then humiliate him. Is this too complex to understand? I read Amitabh’s Blog. He has uploaded all the invitations sent to him. What did he do wrong? As if that was not enough they removed Abhishek Bachchan from the WWF because the Delhi CM was to attend it. Sheer pettiness.

The press too was very lopsided. Look at the comments in all the papers. No one really has the courage or want to openly denounce the ruling party. So you have some one like a Vir Sanghvi calling the congress silly but balancing it by calling Modi a mass murderer and criticizing AB for hobnobbing with the Modis and the Amar Singhs and that he became the brand ambassador because Modi gave his film tax exemption. he cant make the masters unhappy. I would like to ask if he ever went to any television show for free? Then why should we expect an actor to do so? Well, the main issue is totally lost in a pile of rubbish.

Read Nikhat Kazmi in the TOI and you wonder what the hell is she writing! I give up.

Fortunately the Big man has guts. He just rolls on.

But the bigger issue still remains. When will our press and politicians behave responsibly.

Gandhi taught us that a long time ago ( I mean the real Gandhi!). BOYCOTT.

It worked then. No reason it wont work now.


  1. Well Sudhir, this is the most unfortunate thing to happen.. probably a wise man rightly said in the past "Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains"...so for the politicians..so for the media..especially so called elite English Media...

  2. Thanks Anand. totally agree with you. the english media is a disgrace

  3. Rahul Gandhi is working hard on improving INCs image while the other end these guys are screwing it down. India media knows only one USP which is sensationalism and what better an opportunity & target than for them in writing off Big B.

  4. rightly said satish. thanks for visiting.