Sunday, May 24, 2009

Farewell IPL - You will be missed

Long back they truncated the game to one day and a Guy called Kerry Packer commercialsed it. The media dubbed it the Kerry Packer Circus. The purists sniggered at it as Pajama Cricket. Wonder what epithet would be given to this shortened cricket that is IPL.
The Modi Circus or the Kacha cricket!

( Common guys don’t crinkle your uppity nose! its Indian Premier League. So it has to be hindi right! Besides, Kacha does find mention in The Oxford English Dictionary)

I would rather they call it the bikini cricket if they have to carry forward this apparel analogy.
Modi and underwear create an ugly image of a hirsute man in a striped Kacha!

Besides, the cheer girls were as important to the success as was Modi! The girls MAY have managed what Modi did but could Modi have managed what they did? I crack up even thinking that!

Well whatever happens to the test cricket, one thing is for sure. This entertainment is here to stay. And if Modi is to be believed , multiplied and milked till he can and he will.

But for its entertainment value it was pure fun.

I like this tournament. Its surreal. As Clinton would have said Its the money stupid!.

I can’t be jealous enough of Murtaza and Mcgrath though. They made more money sitting on their butts then we make working off our butts all our life. Seriously guys, haven’t their owners heard of recession and pink slips? !!!!!!!.

India was never a colony of Australia. But looks like some day Australia can sure be one of ours. Look at the number of Australians feeding off the curry train!

The biggest entertainer to me was John Buchanan. He started entertaining us even before the King declared, “ Let the games begin.” He was the Mogambo of this edition.

Can you imagine Fake IPL Blog without Buchanan? Chappell or Buchanan , the Australians sure make their presence felt. So thank you Buchanan. Hope we don’t ever see you again.

What was this game without Fake IPL Player. His legion grew by the day. I can hardly imagine an Indian who was not hooked to his blog. we enjoyed every post. So thank you stranger.

Then there were those pretty cheer leaders dancing into the hearts of the viewers specially the Genex with their raging hormones. For the first time, the spectators were choosing their favorite teams for other reasons than cricket or local affiliations. You integrated India more than our politicians Girls! Thanks very much indeed.

And then to those old warhorses. Sourav and Sachin, you have shown that even gods have clays of feet and no one is immortal. Age takes its toll but your service will be cherished.It takes a man like Sachin to say that they lost because he goofed! Wow.

Thank you guys. If you can fail so can I. sounds music to my ears!

Dravid and Kumble , you have proven to us that good boys don’t necessarily finish last. Kumble, we all know you are a great cricketer but few of us know of the amount of social service you do. We must applaud you not just for your game. That would be selfish. We must applaud you always for what a splendid human being you are.
Thanks guys for being perfect role models.

Also the mighty guns from Australia. Shane Warne, Hayden, Gilchrist et al. We hated you when you marauded us. But your genius still has to be appreciated. Thank you. Now get lost!

To the young Indian guns who came out blazing. The Pandeys and the Rohit sharmas and the Rainas. Well done.

My friend Sundeep advised me to write about the zoozoos. I thought I was too old to write about teletubbies. But I trust his intelligence.

Now what the heck is Zoozoo? I searched the modern day encyclopedia , the Youtube.

And I really enjoyed.

I marveled at the creative genius of that ad. It was as entertaining as the IPL itself. As entertaining as the fake blog.

I watched all the ads, how they were created , the interview of the guys who created it and wow!

I am hooked.

So thanks Zoozoos. And thanks Sundeep.

By the way did you know that Zoozoos are not animated cartoons but real people dressed as one!!! Amazing isn’t it?

Some of you may be curious. Why this ode to a very daft commercial enterprise.

Guys, I am a Mechanical Engineer. But I can’t distinguish between a Monkey wrench and a Monkey’s ass.

I claim that I am a writer. but I can’t write to even save my life.

At least IPL is doing what it promised. It entertained us .

Giving the devil his due. That’s all.

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