Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Audacity of Hope.

I concede. Those four words have been made famous by a certain Obama.
But when he moved in The White House, he took the laughter away.
He doesn’t knock his head while entering a plane, doesn’t pat any lady’s butt , or mix the names of the President of Pakistan with the PM of India.
How boring! The Jay Lenos , the David Lettermans and the Bill Mahers have to work that much harder.

President Bush ensured that they never starved.

Luckily, India is not that entertainment starved. We have two great shows going on. The IPL and the general elections. Sometimes I get confused which one is which.

The Congress is like the KKR. Both can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
PM Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Chidamabaram are trying hard. One fluffs the Quotracchi affair, the other the LTTE.

And if you go by the entertainment quotient, can DMK leader’s T20 fast provide less entertainment than Mccullum trying to keep wickets.
Karunanidhi gave Fast a new meaning! Mccullum couldn’t.

But the star who has emerged is undoubtedly Rahul Baba.

Rahul baba is the Buchanan of Congress. If we have a snap poll, I can bet he will have more fans in the BJP than the congress.

I watched his press conference and honestly I liked him. But when he opened his mouth I simply adored him. He injected life into the dreary election. After his conference, no one really knows who is his allies and who is the opposition.

Perhaps his mom can teach him a thing or two. He may learn from her that silence may after all have its virtues and in politics articulation wouldn’t necessarily make him look smart.

Better look dumb and rule instead of looking smart and lose.

He has two cute dimples. And when he smiles, he can make a lot of girls swoon.
Just as when he opens his mouth, he can make the daddies of his party swoon.

Einstein died a long time ago. But his theory of relativity lives on. Its this relativity which makes George Bush look like Einstein himself when you compare him with Sarah Palin.

Suddenly age looks that much more attractive.

We don’t know who will be our PM. Mr. Tweedledum or Miss Tweedledee.

Or one of the grand old men.

But I am not going to lose sleep.

The results are still far away. And I can still hope.

For both the Elections and the IPL.

The Audacity of Hope.


  1. Hmm sme 1 is interested in politics as I do...
    i dnt beleive rahul to be the buchanan of congress...he is sme1 too young..too matured.. nd too truthful too be a politician.. so 4 a change...lets vote 4 sme1 who doesnt think like an average "politician" but the way we do like the aam janta doeas..

  2. Pratik, Thanks for your comments. This was just a satire. he is a nice person indeed.

  3. Better look dumb and rule instead of looking smart and lose....hhhahaha

    like that :))


  4. hmm politics and IPL are no better..
    btw r u the F IPL Plyr in nay case ...

  5. haha ur giving too much credit for my intelligence