Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sex, Lies and a trampled State.

Delhi is a complex city unlike Hyderabad.

There is a metaphor hidden under every stone there. These days there is a chill in the weather there. But Delhi being Delhi ,the chill is both metaphorical as well as real.

Hyderabad on the other hand, is blazing hot. Yet Hyderabad too, being Hyderabad, It’s plain and simple metaphorical.

Sounds convoluted? Pardon me guys, Like George W Bush, I am lost. There is a madness in the air which has done me in. and no one can blame it on the sun. Its benign at this time of the year.

The Economist Dr. Manmohan Singh could advise PM Manmohan Singh to invest money in buying a unit manufacturing zippers. His party needs them badly. The sheer number of zippers required would justify buying it.

The congress men need zippers to shut their lips as well as their flies. That would save them a lot of blushes and the country a lot of grief. The situation in AP could have been far better only if Home Minister knew how to keep his mouth shut. Added to that , now we have the embarrassing Governor’s sex tapes released.
If only he wore pants instead or dhotis which had zippers!

When Governor N D Tiwari was the chief minister of UP, he was called as Nothing Doing Tiwari since nothing moved during his tenure. From nothing doing to Naughty Doing, that’s quite a flight. Even Bill Clinton could tip his hat in admiration. This man is 85!

So indeed the water in the land of Kamasutra does have something in it.
Now that he has been relieved of his duties as a Governor, he may well be a consultant for Play boy.

The only two in the party who don’t need a zipper are the PM himself and his Honorable party President, Yes the one with the Capital P. They both would do well if they talked a bit more. While AP is burning, not a word from these two.

I envy Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. She can have her cake and eat it too. Dr. Singh can simply watch and wring his hands helplessly.

What she grandly offered as a gift to the state on her birthday till some clever leader from the opposition reminded her that their state is not a birthday cake which can be cut, soon became an albatross. But hail the congress. The Goddess can do no wrong. So while the state burned she happily ate her Birthay cake. Any one reminded of Nero!

The BJP isnt quiet either.

Arun Jaitley can shout hoarse from the roof top.

But the pitch in Ferozeshah Kotla ground was not a pitch. It was a minefield.
I wouldn’t suggest that pitch for any one. Not even the Australians!

Alas, Delhi Cricket match was just a game! The Sri Lankan team will go home. The media will find something more interesting. We shall continue to be the no.1 team. And wait for the Common wealth Game to screw up.

Hyderabad is more serious.

There is a bandh again on the 30th. The city I love looks like an army cantonment. I eagerly await my reservation status. Planning to leave for Gwalior tomorrow. I am no.2 on the waiting list. I have no option but to play the waiting game.

Wish the Governor and the Home Minister had done that too!


  1. reading this was a nice break from the monotony of the exams!!!

    really funny

  2. Thanks Haikal. I am glad you liked it. Hope you do well in your exams.

  3. Excellent post Sudhir.
    Show it to the TC and he'll surely give you an AC 1st class berth :)
    Really funny post bro.
    looking to more from you.

  4. Thanks for your comment shashank. But no luck. I am stranded in Hyd. with a Bandh Looming.