Friday, December 18, 2009

Paying for my indulgence folks!

I am finally done in by the delectable cuisine of Hyderabad. All the succulent biryanis, mirchi ka salans, khubani and double ka meethas have left an indelible mark on me( my waist ). Now I have to suck in my breath to button my pant.

However things didn’t look that serious till I overheard tanmay, my friend’s precocious seven year old ,commenting to his mom that if Uncle starts exercising, he will become Shankar bhagwan from Ganpati. Desperate measures needed!

Getting to an hour glass from an apple shape is easier said than done. I calculated my hip and waist size. Definitely an apple. Though not the rosy Kashmir type. There’s still hope. If Adnan Sami can do, any one can!

Mornings are starting a little earlier than before. A game of badminton, a few cardios and running up the stairs. Haven’t yet started weights. Floor exercises also have to be added.

Cutting my favorite sweets and starch out of my diet. Next week maybe go for a one week diet plan. This is also a good detox. It’s a very scientific plan calculated by taking the body requirement of minerals and vitamins into account. The first day it’s all fruits. No bananas though. The second day it’s all vegetables no potatoes though. The third day is a mix. All the body needs are calculated. For example Potassium and other salts are provided by the bananas on the third day, the starch is provided by the baked potato. Iron and proteins are provided by the meat on the fourth and fifth day.

I remember my trainer from Miami. He was totally against any dieting. In fact he didn’t even allow me to cut down on my wine. More parties meant more time in the gym.
He was a hard task master. We used to do weights, machines, floor exercises followed by 40 minutes of rigorous cardios.

He just had one mantra, “ Bust your ass, Sudhir. That’s the only way.”

I am glad he is thousands of miles away.!!!!

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