Friday, September 3, 2010

They save their Butts, we ours.

What a week!

Poor Salman Butt. He is smart. He is articulate. He is tainted. Only he is born in Pakistan If he was born in India he would now be an MP.

Better still, if he was Italian , he could have been elected unopposed as President of the largest party of India. So much for democracy!

Sonia Gandhi thanked her party men for electing her unopposed. Lady you can have all the party you want, but show me if there are any real ‘ men’ in your party!

The Janmashtmi was celebrated with its gaiety and fervor. There were dahi handi competitions everywhere. There was staggering money to be won.
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator Jitendra Awhad has announced the highest cash prize of Rs 65 lakh. Awhad's arch-rival, Shiv Sena legislator Pratap Sarnaik's Sanskruti Yuva Prathishtan will give away Rs 55 lakh, of which Rs 25 lakh will be handed over to govindas forming the 10-tier pyramid. Congress leader Ravi Phatak's Sankalp Prathishthan has also announced a total cash prize of Rs 25 lakh. NCP leader Devram Bhoir has announced a cash prize worth Rs 10 lakh.
I have one suggestion though. Instead of the dahi handi hang the corrupt officials of the CWG. With their coats and pants full of money ,more money would fall even if the Govindas are able to shake them.
I was chatting with a friend yesterday and he asked me why didn’t I comment on either the CWG or the match fixing. There is nothing to comment really.
We take hypocrisy to the level of art and shake our sanctimonious heads at the brazen corrupt Pakistan coolly forgetting our own humongous scams. What will happen?
Nothing much . There would be another edition of IPL.
The CWG will come and go. Lots of money would be pumped in the opening and the closing ceremonies. No one would even bother about the games. The games would be declared successful.
The government would pat its own back. The great scam forgotten.
Pakistan would go in somewhat similar lines. Blame India.reject the proofs. pictures can be morphed. our guys are clean. Pat on our back.
Pakistan would save their own Ejaz Butts and Salman Butts. The Indian Government would save Kalmadi’s Butt.
The channels would have found something more exciting and spicy.
Life would go one as usual. We are Teflon coated. Nothing really sticks.
Not even corruption. However brazen.