Friday, February 19, 2010

Tarantino, Kebab House and a patiala peg!

“ Now if you will excuse me I will go home and have a heart attack.”
Yugesh and I almost fell on the floor laughing as John Travolta delivered this dialogue in a very dead pan manner. He had taken his boss’s mistress on a date and she had almost died of drug overdose. His boss is a Mobster.
We were watching the magic of Quentin Tarantino. The movie was “ The Pulp Fiction” and I was just a decade and a half late in watching it. Not bad since I am not much into movies! In the evening Onal fished out a rather stark and raw yet very moving Tarantino again “ The inglorious bastards.” This time I am almost contemporary. Tonight probably we shall remove another anomaly as I am being forced to watch the 3 idiots. People look at me strangely when they hear that I still haven’t seen it.
But I am positive no one in the world can make me watch My name is Khan. I like watching Shahrukh songs. He is very vibrant and entertaining. But watching him act is a sheer torture. The guy can’t act to save his life!
These two days have passed like a dream. Yugesh’s father had ordered a package so we could watch the exciting India – South Africa Match. But during one of the commercials we switched channels and saw Pulp and we remained glued. He is an exceptional director. This Tarantino. He extracts brilliant performaces from his talented cast. The dialoges are taut. And the speed of the movie is breath taking. Not a moment of boredom. The banter between Travolta and Jackson and Jackson quoting the bible is simply outrageous. The non linear depiction adds to the overall madness. We laughed till our stomachs ached.
My brother , the ever generous soul, brought a bottle of scotch for me. And Yugesh, the ever generous hog is seeing that the various food joints in Bhopal don’t starve of business even as we over feed ourselves.
Life couldn’t be better.
Tomorrow the party will end. Yugesh will leave in the North direction and I in the South. I need a map to explain to Tanmay where is everyone. However there is no answer for his “why don’t every one stay in my house?” For that he just has to grow.
He had warned me not to come without his Ben10 pencil box. It took some exploring but finally did get one. Cost a whopping Rs. 200. He is one high maintenance guy. I was left wondering about how times have changed. My entire year’s supply of stationery wouldn’t have cost that much when I was in college. And this kid is just in second class!
It’s time to leave and yet this time I couldn’t visit Gwalior. It kind of bothered me. Last night I woke up at 2 am and suddenly saw dad smiling from his huge portrait. Again as I went downstairs to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water and walked up to my bedroom , mom was staring from another big picture in the gallery.
I felt comforted. I can feel their presence everywhere in this house.
I guess my parents have moved in with dada!
Anand Madhav , a very old and regular reader, commented that I am not as old as I sounded in that post and that he can relate to me even though he is from the new generation!
Thanks Anand. You did make me feel good.
But the credit for that is all yours and not mine.


  1. Thanks Sudhir, for being so modest..but you have sth with your writing...full of humor coated with wisdom..