Monday, November 9, 2009

Sachin Ton'dulkar- The big bull of Indian cricket

I hate much use of metaphors, aphorisms, adages or proverbs in writings. It denotes a bankruptcy of talent , my English teacher would say.

And yet I can’t resist using one today. Or maybe two. Or may be three. ( Forgive me teacher). My adrenalin is still high!

Yesterday there were two wars going on. One between the bears and the bulls on Dalal street. One between the Australian and the Indian cricket team. I preferred the Dalal street. The Indian team is more unpredictable than the stock market.

Luckily the timings were such I witnessed both.

I doff my hat to the big bull of the Indian cricket. I know he is a class. But this was master class. Sachin did everything right. The trademark cuts, the elegant drives, the ferocious sixes.
It wasn’t a bull vs. bears. It was a bull vs. the bullies. The bullies won. I am developing a grudging admiration for the Aussies.

Now every one wishes to kick Australia’s butt. But if wishes were horses even beggars would ride. Think about it. Their seven players were injured. And still we lost.

But if Sachin was a class , the guys in the commentary box were classier. As he was crashing the ball in all parts of the ground I heard one bozo gush, “ Ahh now he’s just 800 runs away from 18000”. Now can we call that an expert comment! Can anyone say anything more stupid than that?I was plain jealous. Think he was being paid to say that! I can say a hundred more stupid things and no one would take notice ; forget paying for that.

Tomorrow a new day a new war. Both at the Dalal street and at Guhawati.
( For the record, the bulls are winning at the Dalal street)

Tail piece : Sachin Tendulkar first shot into limelight when as a 15 year old he smashed a triple century in the local harris shield competition. This year a 12 year old boy Sarfaraz Khan hit a record 439 with an incredible 56 boundaries and 12 sixes.

Another sachin in the offing?!!!!!!!


  1. Indian team is more unpredictable than the stock market.

    Your one line summed it all.

    Adding to your point
    "Some time i am puzzled if we play to win or play to lose".There seems to be a concerted effort to lose in this case.
    God save the sponsors of Indian Team.

  2. Hi Dravidian. so very true.we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! thanks for your comment. grateful

  3. Nice one Sudhir.
    Guess India has to lose when Sachin scores big :)
    And the young boy would have to keep on playing and playing for 20 long years if not more without realising its time to go, to be the next Tendulkar, if at all he does manage to get a break as early as Sachin did..... :)

    btw "if wishes were horses even beggars would ride."
    twas too gud..
    Would love to know what your english teacher would have to say about that.
    Cheers man

  4. Thanks for visiting shashank.
    My english teacher wouldnt be dancing with joy i guess and it wouldnt be because of her arthritis!

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